Numerology : Karmic Completion

Karmic completion is the key word for this coming weeks numerology card; the fabulous, number TEN.

So far, the numerology cards have stuck themselves in the Tarot numbering, which, is easy for me! Throughout the numbered minors, they seem to resonate fairly well with the depiction upon the cards, regardless of the suit. I’m sure that view might change as I explore this deck fully. There are, after all, 44 cards and as such, not every number is covered.

karmic completionHowever, this week, we have the number Ten come up and the key words are “Karmic Completion”. Ten is the last minor / pipped card, before you reach the mighty Courts So, having things done to the best you can by then, is almost essential. Though, getting things done by then, can be quite the challenge!

The implication with this deck, is that you’ve learned the lesson from this cycle, cleared or fulfilled a contract (or debt!) from your past. (This bodes well for me this coming week then!) The lessons don’t end (Oh, bugger) but this particular lessons you won’t have to go through again. (Yay!)

In the Tarot, this card covers the tens in the suits, but also the Wheel of Fortune. Tides can turn, what goes up, can (and usually does!) come down. Getting to a Ten state isn’t a straight line, you can jump from a 5 state to a 1, to 3 to 7, to 4 to… well, snakes and ladders , it’s not a straight line.

Being in a ten situation, having gone through the snakes and ladders type route, does require that you’re somewhat adaptable, flexible and changeable. Does the word harmonize resonate with you? Karmic completion sounds marvellous, doesn’t it?

This coming week, this card suggests that you meet your challenges head on, be kind to yourself and remember to love & respect the face (and others!) that stares back at you from the mirror.

I’ve used the Numerology Guidance Cards for this weeks’ heads up. And you want to book a private consultation, you can do so here 🙂

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Numerology : Karmic Completion
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