Numerology : Personal Growth

Personal Growth is the key numerology number this week. Which is represented by the fabulous Number 7.

personal growthI love the number 7, partly because it’s the day of the month I’m born on, but I’ve always found that number to be rather magical. The year I was seven was brilliant! Sixteen was fairly okay too. I can’t recall being twenty-five, but thirty-four I recall somewhat more clearly.

Personal growth is a rather subjective phrase. It all depends on which position you’re coming from. Who am I? Why am I here? (No, we’re exploring some questions here Meatloaf, hold onto that beer!) What do I want from my life?  These questions often lead people to turn to the Tarot, or any other divination. People go looking for the answers from without, rather than from within. I wonder, does one listen to the first thing that pops into their head? Sometimes, we don’t like the answers that come from within. Quite often, we’re restricted by the outside environment. If we’re to have personal growth, we really need to listen to ourselves.

Now is the time (according to this number) to set realistic goals for over-coming your obstacles. It’s time to follow through.

personal growthThe number 7 is kind of a wake up call, a reminder to find something to raise your conscious awareness. It can be a book, a CD, a piece of meditation or classical music. It can be a walk in the park or some time spent in nature. Whatever works for you.

But the number 7 is asking that you improve your current situation. It’s time to adjust and harmonize the natural rhythm and cycles of your life. In raising your awareness , all things become possible. It’s time to be a little responsible and raise your game.

Here’s the affirmation for the card : As I improve myself, I improve the circumstances of my life.

Cards used are the Numerology Guidance Cards by Michelle Buchanan and I picked the number 7, randomly. The babblings are mine, though I’ve paraphrased some text from the book that comes with the cards.
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Numerology : Personal Growth
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