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Back to life and back to reality. Notice I didn’t say, normality. That, would be insane of me.

I’m glad I took a few weeks of rest and chill out time with the family. I’d like more time away, but wouldn’t we all! But with the schools still being off on their summer break here in England (I believe Scotland have already returned to the classroom) there’s still a need for the backstop and the calling of Zen. (And I don’t mean the establishment I read Tarot at!)

Since I’ve not posted for a while, I thought (and on request, really) that I’d post a mid-week story board. Using the Pathway Spread for this deck, here are the 3 cards that came up using the app on my mobile.

With this spread, you read the centre card, the left, then finally the right.

So, The Issue? What’s the issue, dear? Well, the issue is this: I have a lot of responsibility in this life and like this fellow, it’s slowly wearing me out. There’s no end of the road with this responsibility, because it’s family. The respite comes in the shape of the kids being in bed and when I sleep. Trust me, I sleep!

Action To Avoid? Throwing the baby out with the bath water? Walking away? Letting it all go? Walking away and creating some emotional distance? I think not. This one is stumping me, because here was me thinking a new emotional start would be just the ticket. What do you see here?

Action To Take? Now this, I kind of understand. Be happy! Enjoy the moments! Live life, despite the fact that I’m driven to insanity by my self-made minions! I need to find the fun and laughter in each day.Β  They are there, somewhere. Even if I am rearranging one bedroom to avoid another accident, there’s a joy to be found! (In the end result, after 5 hours of grafting!)

So this week, I share to this story board with you, along with two songs. 1/ Back To Life by Soul 2 Soul and 2/Bring Me To Life by Evanescence.Β  What story do you see before you? How does this fit with you? Does it fit? I’d love your comments too!

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Wildwood : Back To Life

8 thoughts on “Wildwood : Back To Life

  1. I’m probably wrong, but you did ask what we see…

    If water is the element that represents emotion, then the water flowing from one vessel to another, could represent the feelings that we have for others, and how we feel about their actions.

    But the water overflowing onto the rocks… Could you be getting too emotional, possibly losing your temper, probably due to fatigue.

    Action to avoid… Don’t let your emotions get the better of you.

    The above is probably wrong, I normally use the Hidden Realms Tarot, which has a slightly different meaning.

    1. I wouldn’t say you’re wrong at all, for that’s exactly what’s been happening. I’ll be glad when the schools are back! Don’t let my emotions get the better of me… I’ll try!

      1. Looking at the whole reading, it just struck me…

        If there’s someone you can leave the kids with, you and your husband could do with a weekend break…

        Get away from the responsibilities (10 wands)
        Get away from the emotional overload (8 vessels)
        And rediscover the joy that the two of you had when you where starting out (3 vessels).

        No need to go anywhere, just stay at home, and remember your beginning.

  2. I’d like to offer a slightly different interpretation for the reading. Normally, I’d agree with your take on the 8 of Cups (walking away, fresh start). But you’re right, it doesn’t fit here. Have you considered thinking of it as representing emotional expansion? I look at this particular card and I see one vessel feeding several smaller ones, and all the overflow being focused into one outlet. I get a sense of “I need to be bigger than this.” That would lead me into the reading the 3 of Cups as “calling on community for joyous support.” That’s also an unorthodox take on this card, but I see everyone participating, everyone happy, and no one’s cup is being particularly taxed. Indeed, with everyone pitching in, everyone looks happy.

    Would that interpretation fit your circumstances? That it’s time to ask others to pitch in rather than trying to do it all yourself? That’s my take on it, anyway.

    I hope it helps. Meantime, I appreciate the chance to puzzle over this a warm-up exercise before diving into my work day.


  3. I completely understand your need to step away and take some alone time, Louise, and the sheer impossibility of it at present. I have been yearning to run away, even though truthfully I knew that I didn’t want to do that. For example, I actually left the children at home with their daddy while I went out to work for two days last weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed some ‘adult’ time out, but I still missed the children at the same time. We are such complicated creatures, never quite sure what we actually want from life…

    The message I received from this particular reading was an intuitive one: “Remember to view the bigger picture. Life is constantly moving forward, and soon all this will be but a memory. Be proud of your place, and if you really need to change, then do it!”

    1. Great insight, thank you lovely! I do miss the kids too, eventually. πŸ˜€
      Saw your pictures of the girls… They’re gorgeous! A credit to you and well done you!

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