Wildwood : Inner Power & Respect

Inner power & self respect are two things I think of when I see the Woodward emerge from The Wildwood: I love this guy, his energy and his power. Not to mention the Lynx cat!

This is someone who certainly commands respect. It’s interesting that I pull him from the Wildwood app on my mobile at Lammas, which is the time of year he represents. Now, the summer wanes, the Guardian is back on his rounds.

inner power
Major 11 ~ The Woodward
(Card of the Day)

What do you fear? What darkens your soul? What do you need to be passive about? Now, passivity isn’t weakness, by any stretch of the imagination. Sometimes, we need to be passive, rather than full on aggressive. Sometimes, we need to be the velvet glove, not the iron hand.

If you’ve seen Frozen, you’ll know that the Trolls sing about people make bad choices when they’re mad, scared or stressed. You just need to put a little love their way! But the Woodward isn’t exactly a loveable character, he’s not hug-able. To me, in this image, he’s taking a moment to digest, to think. He’s drinking (or has drunk?) from the cup of intoxication that sits in his right hand. He’s giving himself permission (and time!) to undo / digest the stress, the fear and the emotion of recent times.

However, despite this, his inner power is, probably, quite fierce. Like a lioness (or any mother) protecting their young, they can be deadly fierce. The book (and I quote) say that “the strength of the Woodward is both a balance and a dichotomy between the energy of the hunter or the guardian, and the grounded inspiration found within the ecstasy of the drumming and war dancing. These energies honour the qualities that provide protection and inspiration”.

I’m not quite sure where that moment of time, or place in time, sits. I’ve never war danced, though others might say I have. Protect my young, yes, that I’ve done. Have I applied tempered stoicism and a cool, resolute passion? Ha! I only wish I had on several occasions. I wish I had applied cool courage in certain moments. I need to re-find my own “inner backstop” and use my own inner power. I have much to learn about calm, resolute strength.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my ramblings and that you are able to find your inner power and respect. We all need it! Which is why I’m going to take a few weeks off, and re-find my “backstop”. Take care, until I post again!

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Wildwood : Inner Power & Respect

2 thoughts on “Wildwood : Inner Power & Respect

  1. Your post reminded me of the beneficial power of the acronym H.A.L.T. as a self help tool in times of stress. Whenever you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely and/or Tired you are in no shape to enter a stressful situation, like for instance a heated discussion. Just stop, relax and wait for a better moment…

    1. H.A.L.T : I love that acronym! Thank you and yes, it’s amazing what a mess we can create when we’re any of those 4, never mind a combination of those four. Ellen, I’m falling in love with you stopping by honey! <3 Thank you 😀

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