Power Animal : Coyote, The Wise Fool

Wise Fool, come to a new land… The dulcet tones of Clannad seep into my music loving consciousness at those two words. Are you (or I) a Wise Fool this coming week?

When things go wrong, and in life, they do, we’re often our own worst enemies. We beat ourselves up, wishing, and trying, to undo the dastardly deed we’ve done. Though, we can’t. Time doesn’t let us, even for Witches, we don’t all have a time piece like Hermoine Grainger that can let us be in two places at the same time.

Wise FoolWith two words, the song White Fool, from Clannad’s Sirius Album, come to mind. Not that I’m being racist or anything (I can’t actually think of the right word here!) but the lyrics remind me that anyone can, and does, make a mistake. The song is aimed at the immigrants from Europe who went to the Americas.

It is nice to be wiser after the fact, but  harder when you are the fool and you can’t stop telling yourself off, chastising yourself, reliving your own mistakes. When we start doing this to ourselves, we really don’t need external enemies, do we? That’s when we need to be the Wise Fool, and stop feeling ashamed. The burden of doing so, can be carried by no one for long.

I’ll share another thought and show my nerd side for a moment. Hubby is playing Witcher 3 and I love following the story lines of great games like this. In it, there’s a demon you, as the Witcher, have to defeat. It’s called a Hym and it feeds off the self-destructive guilt we all have when we drop a clanger. It never stops, the more it feeds, the stronger it grows. Yes, it can be defeated, but it’s not easy to do. You have to be wise, clever and honest.

Now, to mention a proverb about everyone having two wolves inside of them, and a boy asks his grandfather, which one wins? “Why” says grandfather, “The one you feed”.

This week, let us starve the Hym dog and feed the other. Hym is equivalent to ego, Id isn’t. Id is my poor pooch, recovering from her sarcoma operation last Tuesday. She’s on the mend, but she gets my attention this week. And this Coyote has come to remind me that I need to laugh with myself about my follies, not at myself for follies.

Lets look back and learn the wisdom that is there, then have a giggle that we didn’t notice it before, and then look forward. Tally-ho!

If you’d like to have my view and wisdom on things, my encouragement to laugh with yourself, then you can find a list of my services here. I’ve used the Power Animal Oracle Cards by Steven D Farmer this week. Hope you like!

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Power Animal : Coyote, The Wise Fool
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