Wildwood : All You Need Is…. Insight

Insight, says the Wildwood. An understanding, a gut instinct. The Seer has these, she trusts them. Do you?

Emotions can cloud our judgement if we don’t understand them. The Seer seeks to understand these and through that, gain insight. Within this deck, she sits at the quadrant of Water, acting as a speaking mediator of the feminine. I feel she’s softly spoken, standing as she does at the heart of inner personal knowledge, she has no need to shout (unless you’re being deaf or ignorant). It is also noted in the book that The Seer may speak in riddles. She has answers, but they’re not going to come to you on a plate for you to just devour! Be prepared to do some work with her to find the answers that are right for you.

Major-2-The-SeerIn the meandering path of life, The Seer acts as the emotional voice, the quiet ID that we should listen to, rather than ego.  She might appear in dreams, or even better, send some insight to you via dreams (hence the riddle speak mentioned above). Or music. Something that might make your soul dance. Anything that gives you an insight to something else that links to your situation.

The Seer is grounded, as shown by the feathered cloak, which also represents thoughts and intellect. She’s mature, grounded by the energy and memory of the conscious Earth. She can be a catalyst for creative or artistic work, so you day-dreaming is just you, talking with your own Inner Seer (male or female!), gaining insight. She’s the one that links the emotions to a piece of music, the memories of a good story, you recalling how a film emotionally affected you, or made you laugh.

When we’re inspired, we can change the world, make it more beautiful. It takes skill as a mediator of the elemental forces to do this, so this week, as the full moon strikes, listen to your dreams. What do you want to create? What good deed did you do today? What insights did you learn today?

Ground yourself, tap into the inner Seer within and learn what your inner self has always known, but your conscious self hasn’t heard. This may take time, but keep at it. It gets easier the more you practice. A little like crochet.

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Wildwood : All You Need Is…. Insight
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