Women Who : Lie

Women Who Do Too Much is a cheeky little deck and this week, with the full moon, we’re reminded not to lie to ourselves.

lieLie, lies, liar… It has a rather negative connotation to it. As soon as you hear it, you think of pants on fire, someone with horns on the side of their head, someone you no longer wish to trust.

But, what if (and when?) we deceive ourselves? We get lost, we forget what we said, to whom, when we said what to ourselves. What happens when we lie and deceive ourselves though? We become unhappy, miserable, discontent.

Look at the mirror that we stare back from. Either the bathroom one or the one in the hall, one with a good light on it. What do you see, staring back at you? Do you like the person that stares back? Forget the wrinkles, the laughter lines, the grey hair, the hairs that grow now where they didn’t before. The person who stares back at you is you. Do you like what you see? What do you like about them? Do you like their sense of humour? Do you like how they help others? Are they a friend, or foe? Are they a real, honest person? Would they help out in a sticky situation? Like Bridget Jones’ big knickers, would they cover your arse if you asked them to?

WHDOM Self Deception FrontThis week, with Venus going direct, the trick is to be honest with yourself, remove the rose-coloured spectacles and decide whom is staring back at you from the mirror. In a society that wants everyone to be “perfect”, it’s rebellious to realise we’re not and to accept who we are, not by our looks, but by our actions.

It is the actions we undertake that we need to wake up to. Are you being honest with yourself? Are you being truthful with yourself? What lies are on your plate? This week, lets sort them out and bin the self lie and deception.

It’s time to love ourselves for whom we are, being honest with it. There’s no more time for lies. I for one, am getting too long in the tooth for that!

I’ve used and photographed the card from the Women Who Do Too Much Oracle deck by Anne Wilson Schaef, published by Hay House Inc. (That’s a link to their app, hunt through your preferred on-line supplier for the card deck)
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Women Who : Lie
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