Numerology : Individuality

It’s time to show off your individuality.

Individuality is a common enough power word these days. It gets bantered about as much as the word “super foods”, “blue berries” or anything else that’s good for you. Being yourself is hard though. We’re often taught from the moment we start walking, to be in with the crowd, find friends, fit in. Being individual is tricky.


The number 11 is like two legs (okay, so I’ve used a bingo call to highlight a point… eyes down, keep on reading 😉 ) and highlight a power / master number. There are three, that I am aware of. 11, 22 and 33. My numbers work out to a 33 life path, but that’s a different post.

Apart from Legs 11 (last bingo quote, I promise!) what else does the number 11 make you think? The keyword of individuality that this card indicates has, suggests that embracing both aspects of yourself is key. Think of one part being a number in the light, the sun. The other, in the shadows. You have to stand between them both to be the full you.

Seeing this number indicates that it’s time to speak your own truth, march to the beat of your own drum, despite the opinions of those around you. Doing so is quite tough; in fact it can be downright scary.

In order to change something, the Number 11 (being a master number) you’re being asked to embrace and find your own connection the source (or Divine being, and there’s more than one right answer here) and harmonize with the cycles of life. Step into the true self you were born as, improve the relationship with those you can, have the strength to end those you cannot. Aim to improve the quality of your life.

For this Blog Post, I’ve used the Numerology Guidance Cards by Michelle Buchanan, published by Hay House.

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Numerology : Individuality
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