Wildwood : Dealing With Mercury

Mercury is retrograde. Often, it’s an excuse to blame the Cosmos for poor communications, can the Wildwood help in this regard?

I asked The Wildwood, What do I need to know about this Mercury Retrograde? So using three cards, I enquired as to what will help this week, what will not help and some further advice.

The first card up is the King of Bows, he’s here to help and to remind me that getting to the top of a pile is tough, staying there is tougher. But I don’t have to stay at the top. I have permission to make my point, to articulate and use the passion within, but I do not have to always be the one at the top.

The middle card is what won’t help this week. The King is a reminder to not do things alone. The Wolf can call on his friends, but in this image, he’s alone. I don’t have to ask in staying at the top, I have no intention of staying there. Asking for help won’t work, not this week, there’s nothing they can do to help, offer though they might.

The Ace though, is great advise for moving forward. The ace is the start of the suit linked to communications.  With Mercury being retrograde, communications can get skewered. However, you can’t just stop talking, thinking or doing whilst Mercury seemingly travels backwards in the Heavens. What you can do, is being concise, direct, clear. Now, I’m not one for pussy footing around, but saying what you mean and meaning what you say, seem to be the order of the week. That, I can handle.

So this week, get to the top of your game, say your piece and then feel free to slither back to where you’re comfortable. And if you’re comfortable at the top, work to stay there. For me, I’m happy being one of the support crew. I’ll leave the centre stage to the Leo’s in life.

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Of course, I’ve used The Wildwood here, with permission.

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Wildwood : Dealing With Mercury
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