Wildwood : Respect Of The Week Storyboard

Respect is the word for the week from the Wildwood, as well as being in your own corner and wondering what on earth is going on!

RespectThe Wildwood can be quite literal. It’s not a gentle, granny deck, it’s very much an “in your face” kind of deck. The first card I pulled out via the app is the Nine of Bows, Respect. I’m taking this fellow at his word! Have respect for yourself and for others. Treat others as you wish to be treated, but also, don’t feel you have to put up with people being rude.  You don’t have to be mean, but if someone starts taking the micky, feel free to stand your ground. It can be scary to do so, but the power is yours to wield, so do with respect for your boundaries and those boundaries of others.

cornerThe middle card immediately got me thinking of fighting in my corner. This card probably isn’t two males having a scrap over a girl, it’s probably two girls having a fight over who has what burrow or nest. We girls can get territorial like that. We want the best of things and yes, we’re willing to fight for them. However, “fighting physically just because”, isn’t my style so I don’t equate it to the message from the Wildwood as being scrappy. I equate it to more as being willing to stand your ground, than actively seeking combat. In martial arts, you’re taught to void confrontation, rather than seek it out.

7-of-Arrows-WMThe final card I see as: Why wonder? This defending of your rights isn’t about you setting boundaries, it’s about others being surprised that you are. Of course, they’re going to proclaim that you’re the bad guy, that you’re the demon. Yeah, right!

You may react like the woman in this picture. It’s all just too much! Maybe it is, but don’t their insecurities affect your security. Notice how the arrows don’t actually touch the lady here? I can’t be sure if she’s going: Oh, bloody hell! Or: Why is this nonsense (change for another word) happening to me? I’m much more the first and then, I get somewhat pissy, loud & bossy.

So this week, I must try to kurb my pissy nature, but not go “oh woe is me” and land blame at my own feet. Remain grounded (that goes for you as well as me) and if necessary, fight my corner and command respect. Inner pissy bitch can take the high road this week.

I hope this helps you this coming week. I’ve used The Wildwood app (available from Fools Dog on GooglePlay & iStore) to draw the cards. (They’re far safer from my 2-year-old that way!) 

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Wildwood : Respect Of The Week Storyboard
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