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It’s been over a week since I communed with my maternal grandmother, but I’m left with this sense of: Now what?! It’s a very 4 of Cups moment!

Now what? How often have I heard that question in my Tarot Counselling Career? The answer, is quite often. However, I’m usually the one with the cards, helping others! Seems this week, I need to help myself too. So, I used the app on my tablet (where little madame cannot damage my cards) and asked the question through the Wildwood App (check your smart phone store πŸ˜‰ )

Now what

The Significator (5 of Vessels) What’s the issue, dear? The Issue is about me being happy! Do I go through the motions? (Yes, a Buffy reference πŸ˜€ ) Or do I just need to do something, rather than sit on my petite, mummy behind? The issue is I’m not a happy camper, I’m now in a “Meh” state after talking with Mary. Bugger.

The Bow (Page of Bows) What is my focus on the issue? The focus is, I’m watching, seeing what happens next. I may be able to perceive the truth, but what do I do with that “truth”? I’m looking around, waiting for the right “pray” before I take action.

Conscious Limb (The World Tree, Major 21) What do I think about the situation? What do I think? I don’t really know!Β  There are now so SO many potentials, there’s SO many more ways I can take this. It’s a little over-whelming, being honest!

Spiritual Limb (9 of Cups) What do I feel about the situation? I’m feeling numb, like I’ve not really recovered from getting very hung-over a few days later. I’m eating, breathing… but I really am going through the motions until my spiritual self can finally say: Yes, I’m happy!

The String (The Guardian, Major 15) What drives the issue? The issue was the cave, a challenge, the fear. I had to over-come that, but now I have, I’m not sure where to go now I’m out the other side. A bit like Fall Out 4, I’m out of the Vault, now what?!

The Fletchings (King of Bows) What is the solution? The solution comes in the King of Bows. Is he calling on friends? Is he asking for help? Maybe I should do the same. But whom do I call? To whom does an empath talk with after such an experience, a hurdle like this? I’m meditating, but I’m still locked within myself on this. Now what? seems to be my favourite phrase this week!

The Arrowhead (6 of Arrows) What is the outcome?Β  The outcome is taking each day as it comes, absorbing what happened a little each day, letting it go a bit more each day. This isn’t a chalice I have to keep with me. It’s water (or poison?) in a bottle I must slowly pour away. Some days I’ll swing into waters much too calm, others I won’t and the aim is to navigate between the two.

Now what

Whew! So, it’s time to carry on the navigating of my life through choppy waters, sticking mostly to the narrow river of neither calm or choppy and doing what I can to keep on an even, mental keel. Like I didn’t have to do that to start with!Β  Thanks for joining me again for my latest post, sorry it took a little time from the last one, but well, Mary got in my head and it took a wee while to remove her.

I’ve used The Wildwood app, cards etc. as designed by Will Worthington, Mark Ryan and John Matthews. You can find the app from your Smart Phone Store provider, Fools Dog designed it and you can hear Mark’s sultry tones throughout.

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Now What : The Wildwood Answers

6 thoughts on “Now What : The Wildwood Answers

  1. No offence, and this is just for my own curiosity, but…

    Which takes precedence the image of the cards, or your description ??

    I’m only asking because in your description you name the ‘Significator’ as the 5 of Wands, yet in the image the ‘Significator’ is the 5 of Vessels.

    P.S. I also have the ‘Fools dog App’ great isn’t it.

      1. To be honest your definition was pretty close. Just a rather more subdued version of the 5 of Vessels, which just seemed to emphasise ‘Feel the Joy’ and also ‘Why not… Lets Party!!!’.

        1. I really don’t feel like partying though. Did that enough a few days later… Not touched a drop of alcohol since! πŸ˜€

      2. …You could also say 5 of Vessels is more about ‘Find the Joy in the moment’.

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