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It’s time to share the love on my Facebook page, as well as subscribing directly here on the blog!

share the loveShare the love, as a statement, reminds me, Tarot wise, of the Two of Vessels from the Wildwood and the Six of Cups from other decks. Sharing the love isn’t just about the perfect life partner (though, there’s perfect for me whom might not be perfect for you). It’s about being friends, being friendly, encouraging others to join in the celebrations!

Why am I on about sharing the love, after the week of sheer violence we’ve witnessed in Paris, Mali, Japan, Nigeria and various other places around the World? Well, because if we can’t love our neighbours, if we can’t see further past the end of our nose, I have to wonder what kind of human race we are.

I firmly believe we, as a unique race, are better than the actions that have been demonstrated of late. I believe we’re disconnected from each other and we’re listening to ego way too much!

I want to share the love, I want to connect with, engage with, think with like-minded people. Life is complicated enough without being at loggerheads with our neighbours, school friends, peers, bosses, husbands, wife, children, etc. etc. There are a few sayings, proverbs if you will, that I remember growing up with:

Treat people as you wish to be treated.
If you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all.

What I’d like to do, is share something with you!


Yes, I’m having a GIVE AWAY via my Facebook Page. I’d love to get my page to 750 Likes (because it’s a target I set way back in January) so in order to get the last 25 or so, I’m offering a FREE Three Card reading for the 750th like and a Tarot Bag (handmade by me) for the 749th like! (Worldwide postage here, folks!) so I’m sharing the love and hoping that you will too by liking my page, but also, I’m asking that you share this the page to your friends!
(If you share the thread that I’ve pinned at the top and post you’ve shared it, that’ll help me identifying the winners 🙂 )

Who would love to have a Tarot insight, delivered to their news-feed, for free? Would you share my page to some of your like-minded friends? I’d love it if you did! I’ll do another give away for blog subscriptions when I’m near the 100 mark. Thank you!

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Wildwood : Share the Love
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