Wildwood : Wake Me Up

It’s time to get something new under way. The winter nights are drawing in, so what’s going to wake you up and keep you entertained?

Wake Me Up by Evanescence sprung to my mind as soon as I saw this card.  Just because the nights are drawing in, going out and spending time outdoors is often curtailed by the poor weather. The desire to stay in and be warm , overtakes us. But whilst you sit down and enjoy the comforts of home, what are you going to do to keep your brain awake?

wakeThe Ace of Bows came up from The Wildwood and I immediately thought, engage your brain! What about starting a new hobby? Or picking up one you had last year? How about doing a small correspondence course on a subject that you’ve been wanting to do?

I’ve recently picked back up the astrology correspondence course I started back, oh goodness knows when! Added to that, my three kids, the card crafting and Tarot reading, blogging on two sites, I doubt I am the one going to be bored! I personally, don’t need or want anything new right at this moment!

But this blog post isn’t just about me. What are you going to do to engage your brain this winter? What new thing is taking your fancy? What are you doing to wake yourself up? What are you doing to add spark to your life?

So often, we do things for others, chasing butterflies and pleasing others, but never ourselves. I often think Winter is a time to be a little selfish, a little greedy (and not just in the form of nice tasty treats!)  and engage your brain.

So this winter, wake yourselves up! Engage the brain and get on with a new thing! Smocking might be good, go and investigate smocking! Learn new things! I’m off to do more astrology course-work, crochet some blankets and learn how to make crochet flowers. There’ll be more tarot stuff, soon!

I’ve used the Wildwood Tarot and my own inspiration for this blog post.

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Wildwood : Wake Me Up
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