Change for the Tarot Academy

The Tarot Academy are moving locations as of December’s Meet Up. I’m looking forward to the change, having a new home where we can grow and expand. Hallo Barlow Mow!

Change is never easy and adapting to change when it’s forced upon you, but when you find that you need to change to grow and its excites you, I feel you should grab it with both hands and embrace it tightly!

changeThis is what’s happened with the Midlands Tarot Meet Up Group (aka, The Tarot Academy) where we’ve moved from the little snug in Stoke Prior in Bromsgrove to the function room upstairs in Barley Mow in Droitwich.

I asked the Wildwood what I needed to understand about this big change to the group I help run with Mary. The King of Vessels has one foot in the water, one out of it. He’s in touch with his emotions but with that one foot up, he may take flight in a moment or two.

This King has patience. Heron’s eat fish (having had my pond cleared out by one a few years ago, trust me, I know they can eat!) whole and they wait and wait, picking the fattest one. If they have a good food source, they’ll utilise it until it’s gone, then they’ll move on. They’ll change environment when they have to, but not until then.

This King also promotes diplomacy and keeping a broad-minded perspective, allowing change to occur when it’s necessary.

Mary and I have trusted our intuition, our psychic selves and made this change. The Barley Mow on Hanbury Street in Droitwich now enables us to have more people come and join in our Tarot fun, from learning to read the Tarot for yourself, to games, decks for sale and newest acquisitions. I’m sure Mary alone has a deck to suit almost every taste, so just email one of us to let us know if there’s something specific you’d like to see first hand before spending your own cash!

So, if you’d like to come and join us to learn the Tarot in a safe environment of like-minded individuals, you’re more than welcome to join in our change!

We don’t offer private readings at the Meet Up, but if you’d like have your own private Tarot consultation, you can book my services via this page.

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Change for the Tarot Academy

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  1. New meet up venue is Barley Mow, 9 Hanbury St, Droitwich, Worcestershire WR9 8PL xx

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