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Office Party season. The Wildwood comes bearing the Secret Santa gift for one of you, my co-workers. What does it contain? Read on to unwrap the gift at your office party!

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Welcome to the latest Yule Tarot Blog entry from me. Whether you’ve landed here from Arwen’s entry or directly because you like coming by, blessings of the seasons to you and yours!

The Office Party season is upon us and the usual “Secret Santa” was handed out weeks ago.What did you decide to bring to the office party and for whom? Me, I bought a duplicate of The Wildwood card of the Moon on Water. I’ve made it into a bookmark, so I’m able to hang it on the very well decorated Christmas tree with some golden curling ribbon and smile knowingly.

Upon the back of the duplicate card I’ve printed and stuck on a note. I smile as another person places their gift carefully within the tree, but I pay no attention to who has placed what. There’s plenty of people here at this party, so there’s plenty to engage with. I personally, like to sit in a corner and chat with friends, make friends with the host’s dog (if they have one) and maybe have a wee dance later on, if I like the music.

As I watch, some usual characters reveal themselves. There’s the drunk loud mouth who has had too much to drink way too early in the evening. Probably the Knight of Arrows. I see him wind his neck in as the boss walks around the room. Clearly, he’s not that drunk yet. I wonder how much the boss heard? Looking around to another group of people, I see the mother of the office. She’s the one who makes sure we all have what we need. Food and drink are on the agenda tonight, but during the day, it’s the information we need, easing interactions between departments. She says she’s in PR, but PR is also considered to be internal relations, even at the office party. That’s the Queen of Bows.

office partyThere’s another character I see from the corner of my eye. Up he comes to me, smiling sweetly and greets me with alertness and deference. He’s playful and wise, but don’t mistake his play for actually being nice. If he can use you for his own goals, he will. Stepping on you to get where he wants to go, won’t be an issue. He’s determined and very much, the Knight of Bows.

By the bar, an argument has occurred, but I haven’t seen it all take place. However, both parties are being separated and the girlΒ  is being taken to the ladies by the mother hen of the office, the Queen of Vessels. She’ll be looked after, but the so-called boyfriend is nowhere to be seen now. I sit back and watch as people are asked to take a gift assigned to them. I notice that my gift is taken down from the tree by someone who others hardly see at the office. They say it’s the quiet ones you need to watch out for, and this lady is no exception. She watches and makes note, listens and acts as a result of what she sees. People are often surprised by her ability and speed to get what she needs from any department or anyone. She looks around, trying to read each co-worker and work out, did they put the card and the message there? I take a sip from my drink and continue to watch. I need not say anything, for there is no reason for me to say anything. She won’t look my way, though she’ll have seen me.

earthI make my way to retrieve and my coat to make my way home, hoping that this coming year, someone’s life will be transformed by themselves. I hope that they’llΒ  begin their inner transformation and awareness, rather than trudge the endless wheel of the office job. I hope that they’ll want to research something that speaks from their core, that excites them and transforms their soul, for the better. In these dark days, that’s one thing to do rather than sit in front of the goggle-box, eating and drinking yourself into a stupor each and every night.

What did I write on the back? “You’re within the consciousness of the Universe, it’s not within you. Be transformed this Yuletide Season.”

I hope you enjoyed my little Yuletide tale and I thank you again for stopping by! Now, if you’d kindly leave a comment, compliment, a word of acknowledgement before you hop to Joanne Sprott’s tale of the Office Party.

Merry Yuletide!

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Office Party : Tarot Blog Hop

14 thoughts on “Office Party : Tarot Blog Hop

  1. Loving your message on the back of the card also laughing a little imagining Cinderella’s fairy godmother would have written – Get home by 12 or you’ll turn into a pumpkin! I like your version best! πŸ˜€

  2. That reminds of office parties I’ve been to in the past…although no messages on the backs of cards at those! Enjoy your festivities…:-)

  3. Tee hee, lovely office party. Many thanks for allowing us these insights into the characters that came along, and for your wise gift! πŸ™‚

  4. This was amazing! The characters reflect the Wildwood court cards so well–it’s both an engaging story and a lesson on how to read the courts! And what a perfectly beautiful present! Thank you! And Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you so much, Joy! I hope you and yours have had a good one! I’m going to be going around the hop today too. Whilst I have chance! πŸ™‚

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