Month: January 2016

Listen for the Controlling Hidden Emotions

I asked the Wildwood for advice for this coming week. It’s response was humorous! Listening to the controlling hidden emotions can be a journey and if you want help to listen to yours, come and book your private consultation. The Wildwood’s sense of humour isn’t something I usually see, but for the week ahead and […]

Motivation, Wildwood Style

It’s time to get motivated and focus on the goals, now we’re half way through the week. Motivation is important and the Wildwood says to keep my eyes on the prize! What’s your prize? If you’re not sure, you can hire me to help you, right here. Knowing where you’ve come from is great, essential […]

Hump Day – Kind of Magic

It’s Wednesday, Hump Day, so lets add in some magic whilst we wait for Friday! Before I get started with the blog post, I wanted to remind you that you can book a private consultation with me here on this page. Wednesday’s are a pain. They’re neither at the start, nor at the end and […]

Build the Bridge : Get Over The Hump

It’s time to work on a 3 card spread with you. You’re stuck, so how do you get out of being stuck? This spread isn’t my design, it’s from Katie, a member of my Tarot Group. This was used so many times during 2015, it’s become a popular favourite. This is in a similar format […]

Gentle As You Go : The Wildwood

Mercury is going retrograde (meaning reverse) so it’s time to be gentle with yourself and others. Gentle! Yes, that one word you might use with a child who is greeting a new pet, or teaching a dog how to take nicely. There are many occasions to use this word, so many I shan’t even begin […]

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