Build the Bridge : Get Over The Hump

It’s time to work on a 3 card spread with you. You’re stuck, so how do you get out of being stuck?

This spread isn’t my design, it’s from Katie, a member of my Tarot Group. This was used so many times during 2015, it’s become a popular favourite. This is in a similar format to my Quick Update Reading.

The spread, is this: Where you are currently, where you want to go to, the Bridge over the obstacle. It doesn’t matter what the obstacle is, it’s there and you’ve got to get over it. So, let’s do that! It’s laid out the same as the Wildwood’s Pathway Spread.

Where are you now: King of Stones ~ Wolf
Taking this from a business point of view, you’re wanting help, direction, inspiration. You’re wanting your intuition to kick on, but it just won’t. This is where talking with others, taking your inspiration from your peers (If you’ve had their permission to pick their brains) and knowing where you’ve come from, is good.

I still see this as calling on your tribe. I’ve called on mine and now I’m waiting to confer with them to help my inspiration.

DestinationWhere are you going to: Eight of Bows ~ Hearth fire
You’re going towards happiness, by fulfilling your dream and your aims. You’re going towards times of celebrations, happiness, providing. This is a change from what times before. It’s a great feeling, doing what you do and doing it well. Not only that, you get rewarded for it. That’s an ace bonus, for whilst Spirit lives in this world, Spirit can’t pay the bills, buy food or heat the house. Those things are necessary to survive in this mortal world.

build a bridgeThe Bridge: Six of Bows ~ Abundance
This is what connects the two cards above. I usually raise it above the other two a little, to create a triangle, but well, that’s hard to do on the blog. But, how can this bridge the two? In this case, it’s by looking at what I already have and using what I already have to better effect. It’s by stock taking (of sorts) and seeing what I do best and well, and continue to do more of that. It’s by setting targets. You don’t have a party, then get the food & games ready for the day after, do you? You plan, you prepare. This is part of what has to happen here.

So, it’s time to sit down and plan the points in 2016 you want to get to. This, may not be a pretty process, but it needs to be done. What’s your plan? What bridge do you need? I’m here to help!

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Build the Bridge : Get Over The Hump

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