Direct, Mercury Style

It’s Sunday and time to take a direct look at what the week has in store!

Being direct is sometimes a good thing, though unless you’ve been asked for an honest opinion, it’s often not wanted nor welcome. I don’t offer advice, unless I’m asked and then, it’s in confidence.

With Mercury at long last, going forwards from tomorrow, it’ll be a welcome relief to being able to say things as you mean them, without them being twisted around by the planets above or people using that as an excuse because they’re not wishing to communicate properly.

directThis week, the Wildwood seems to be in something of an agreement with my mind-set. Though, I swear I dreamt about the middle card last night! The Knight of Arrows is represented by the Hawk, a bird of prey with sharp talons and a good hunting instinct.

The Hawk is good, Tarot wise, for seeing through the clouds of mis-information that others give out.  He’s the person who champions and upholds beliefs, for themselves and others. Is that your issue this week? It certainly seems to be mine, for I tend to speak out before I engage the little grey matter. The issue is  that I also need to be vigilant, not impulsive.

Major-15-The-GuardianThe Action that I’m advised to avoid taking is the Wildwood’s version of The Devil. This Guardian in-stills fear, so giving into fear, or reacting out of fear or irrational thoughts is not advised. The Devil can invoke the fight or flight instinct, and I’m not often one to run from a battle,  if the odds are favourable.

The Devil is wise, courageous and strong, those as the aspects I need to employ, not the negative ones. The challenge is here, do I take it on or walk away? I need to be direct and not keep changing my mind.

Major-2-The-SeerThe Action to Take comes in the form of The Seer. This card, I love and totally get! She’s suggesting strongly that I use my instincts and insight. That I put into voice what my inner self is telling me I need to do. The Seer also balances emotions, intellect and willpower, urging us to create the change in our world that we wish to see.

If you’re going to do something positive, this lady is there to help and foster those positive vibes and turn it into something we can use. It’s time to focus my power, let it flow through me and use it where I need it to heal partnerships, sexual relationships. In this case, I feel it’s more to do with the manifestation of my own powers and esoteric insights.

It’s my time to direct myself, to bring joy and knowledge to others!

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Direct, Mercury Style
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