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Mercury is going retrograde (meaning reverse) so it’s time to be gentle with yourself and others.

Gentle! Yes, that one word you might use with a child who is greeting a new pet, or teaching a dog how to take nicely. There are many occasions to use this word, so many I shan’t even begin to try to list them.

gentleThough, I’ll wager you don’t apply it to yourself. Do parents, ever? Seriously?!  Even if you’re not a parent, I’ll bet you don’t apply it to yourself. Now however, is the time to do just that.

When was the last time you showed yourself some loving and care? When did you last take ME time, or talk with care to anyone?

Let me recite a story that happened this evening. I had done the food shopping today, this morning in fact, to a store I go to weekly with the toddler. She loves to help fetch things that are low down (partly because it keeps her entertained!) Something I bought this morning, didn’t make it home. Goodness only knows what on earth happened to it, but I had to go back, it was vital to this evenings dinner. I get behind a lady in the queue who, for some unknown reason, did not stop her conversation on her mobile to concentrate on the transaction with the cashier.

The cashier was rather peeved, understandably. It would not have taken a few moments to say: “Call you back, I need to do X”. But I left the store knowing that this lady before me, had told her other friend this, that and something else before, but “she never listened”. Is it so hard to give yourself a few moments politeness and courtesy?

This I feel is an aspect of the card I hadn’t really considered before, being considerate and polite to others, as well as yourself. Why had I never spotted that before? A bit of a Homer moment and I say: “D’oh!”

So, here’s what this card can mean for you.  Be gentle with yourself first and foremost, be polite and considerate to those around you, even if you’re only spending ten minutes interacting with them. Would being considerate, really hurt you?

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Deck used is The Wildwood, the thoughts and observations are my own.

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Gentle As You Go : The Wildwood

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  1. What a perfectly timed blog post! My mantra is currently something along the lines of, “Be gentle to yourself, and then you can think about other people.” Easier said than done, but I am improving every day… 😉

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