Hump Day – Kind of Magic

It’s Wednesday, Hump Day, so lets add in some magic whilst we wait for Friday!

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Wednesday’s are a pain. They’re neither at the start, nor at the end and it’s still two days before Friday even hits. It’s magical because it’s a day when you can look behind and forward, at the same time. It’s when Friday nights starts getting planned out in their finer details. And it’s also magical because of the card I pulled to look forward to the coming weekend.

magicI drew The Shaman, the Magician of the Wildwood deck. He’s busy doing what I’ve been doing today; finding the right recipe to achieve what he wants to achieve and working out where he wants to be and what it’s going to take to get there.

Wednesday’s are great for taking some time to work out what you’ve achieved so far and what you’ve still left to do to get to your goals.

What are your goals for 2016? How are you getting on with starting to achieve them? I’ve needed someone to sit and focus my mind. I can do that for other readers, mums, dads, witches, folks who are busy as heck, but not for myself, I drew a blank. My brain had turned to scrambled eggs, so I turned to someone who I picked up on via recommendation: Daimon Mediation. Nikki is ace, visit her FB page or via Twitter.

Have to say, after an hour talking with this lady, I was raring to go, ideas were forming in my head, the magic was starting to happen. Now, I just need to get on with the ideas she’s given me today. Who is your muse? What are you trying to achieve? What didn’t work in 2015? Do those less. What did work in 2015?  Do those more! What do you like to do?  Do that too!

So, that’s the magic for today, the hump day! What’s yours? Do please share!

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Hump Day – Kind of Magic

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  1. Funny you should talk about Wednesday as hump day! I did your “Getting over the Hump” three card spread you mentioned in your last blog, today. I’ll show you at Tarit Academy x

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