Listen for the Controlling Hidden Emotions

I asked the Wildwood for advice for this coming week. It’s response was humorous!

Listening to the controlling hidden emotions can be a journey and if you want help to listen to yours, come and book your private consultation.

The Wildwood’s sense of humour isn’t something I usually see, but for the week ahead and what advice it can give, makes me chuckle a little! The first card up for “What to look forward to” was The Wren, Page of Arrows. So, simple, honest, straight forwards communications.

listenDo you look forward to chatting straight talking people? They tell you what you don’t want to hear, they’re honest with you and they don’t stand for your sweeping nonsense. Well, I DO enjoy people and clients like that and I enjoy talking with people who ask questions. I enjoy engaging with those that can make me be honest with myself too. Offering “advice” when it’s not been solicited is hard, but it can and should be done! It’s called ethical boundaries and not everyone needs to hear an unwanted motor-mouth of opinion run on and on.

King-of-BowsI then asked the Wildwood, “What do I need to avoid this week?” It’s response was the King of Bows, or The Adder. Great, avoid people who want to control everything you do. I have three of those such people in my life, they’re called “the kids”! *LOL*

But there are others, the Wildwood warns, that are around who want to just want to be in charge, keep themselves at the “top of the pile” and who will happily step on you. Funny enough, a friend’s husband posted today (whilst this was in draft) that he was looked down on while he minded his 4 kids as his wife took 10 minutes to shop and grab something. He had a wee rant on Facebook about it, which is how I learned of what happened. The commentators didn’t get chance to meet his wife, or learn that my friend’s husband works 40+ hours a week, then takes the time to mind the kids he help make.. Goddess help them if they ever DO meet my friend, great things come in small packages, including feisty women!

Major-18-The-Moon-on-Water-WMThe “more advice” card is the Moon on Water. A card all about using your intuition and realising that hidden waters can run deep. There may be no “visible” path, but the moon light suggests that there is.

It’s time to become aware of what lies beyond people’s mortal existence. Those people who commented on my friend’s husband and his “supposed” “draining family situation”, didn’t see past the end of their noses. It’s now time to transform your views, your awareness and not project them onto others. The book (or information from the deck on this card) indicates that consciousness is not within you, but that we’re within the consciousness of the Universe. I rather like that. It’s time to adjust and wake up to being a part of this great consciousness and not project your opinions on others. It’s time to listen to your own controlling, hidden emotions and intuitively deal with them.


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Listen for the Controlling Hidden Emotions
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