Star Man : Time To Say Good-bye.

It’s time to say good-bye to the one and only, Goblin King.

The Star Man has returned to the cosmic dust from which we all come from. It was rather shocking, hearing it on the radio as I got the kids up and dressed Monday morning just gone. So much so, the eldest child hugged me, not quite sure what to do with a mum who suddenly went into slight shock!

new yearThe best memories I have of him are as the Goblin King in Labyrinth. The best song, has to be, this: Dance Magic. He was superb in this movie and I often wondered why he wouldn’t or didn’t do any others. He was in a few movies, as I now find out, but before Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook or anyone else, there was Bowie. (Before him, was Rutger Hauer, but that’s something different)

He was forever reinventing himself and his persona, he changed his power up, down, sideways and every way to get his point across.

7-of-Vessels-WMHe was, in my mind, a total magician, genius and it turns out, he may have been designing his own Tarot deck. I now wish he’d had the time to publish it. I hope he finished it and I hope his estate print it if all 78 are there. I’m pretty sure there are a few thousand people across the World who would buy it: I know I would! (But I’d only buy it from the Bowie Estate, not collages or rushed jobs)

So, what kind of tribute can the Wildwood give such a Shaman? For starts, there’s a specific card just for mourning: The 7 of Vessels. Rather fitting for Bowie, given the skull in this card!  There is of course, the Shaman right above, but there’s also The Star card, to which David Bowie himself has returned to. To which we all must return to. Since his death, the world has continued to turn, the night comes, the day arrives, the Moon shines on.

conferenceLike many people on hearing the news, I went and bought his BlackStar album. He’d only released it 2 days before, I didn’t even know he’d launched it on his birthday, or that he had cancer. I don’t think a lot of people realised that fact either.  He was intensely private, that I know. I’ll be watching the extras episode of him at some point soon: even though I dislike the series. Just to watch Bowie. And the kids are now of an age when they can Dance the Magic and see the Star Man at his very, very best.

You did blow our minds. We don’t hold any power over you, we never did. Rest in eternal peace.

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Star Man : Time To Say Good-bye.

5 thoughts on “Star Man : Time To Say Good-bye.

  1. Thank you Louise…..the cards have said what we are all feeling. That little boy in the film was his son. I hope he can be re-united with his birth Mum in time, if this is meant to be….i.e. if it is on the cards! Even though she says not, I can see the sadness when he is spoken of during her sojourn in the BB house.
    Blessings to all of them on every level….David Bowie was undoubtedly born to shine on this planet for as long as he possibly could.
    As for a deck of cards. Sure that would blow our minds as well!!! RIP David.

    1. Looking at IMBD, it wasn’t his son who played little baby Toby.
      And yes, he was the consummate Magician, Bowie. And wouldn’t a deck of Bowie cards be just fabulous?! 🙂

      1. It was me who assumed that the little boy was his son. I guess I would like to see their real son reunited with his Mum…I’m a bit of a romantic!

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