Dancing Towards New Times

What might you be dancing towards, this Valentines week?

Dancing towards a new life, taking care of your responsibilities along the way, is what The Wildwood advises this week. Doing that with my help is possible.

DancingThe Wildwood isn’t being humorous or funny this week, it’s being very direct and honest. Typical Wildwood! Dancing through life is like baby steps, you keep moving, slowly, in the general direction you want or need to go. Sometimes, you take a break and take the time to not be dizzy, but not always.

When I pulled these cards, I had just separated the boys from squabbling over Minecraft. Can someone take me away from all this, right now? (haha!) Looks like their squabbling is what I’m going to be dancing through this week!

responsibilityWhen I got back to my sofa seat, this was the thought I had: Dance your way through this week, take care of the important stuff and begin the next chapter, mentally afresh and without the drag of the past.

How often are we unable or unwilling to start something new, because we have the past dragging us back? It’s hard to feel happy when you can’t move on from the past. The Centre card is the key to this little storyboard. The other two pivot and dance around it, taking the responsibility it represents, seriously.

New StartsIf you look closely, this fellow is near the top of the hill, finishing off his climb. The fire burns at the top of the mountain, where a few houses or shacks sit. He’s nearly there, he’s nearly completed his task. He just needs to take a few more steps, finish off the details, cross the finishing line.

The last card, the Ace, is all about starting anew. There’s something to be said about one’s health when things are finished, the responsibilities are complete. The burden and weight of it, are all over and done with, so you can start again with a clear head and focus on what direction you’re going in now.

How wonderful that the story this week is to “Dance to your new beginnings, taking care of your final responsibilities along the way“. I learned after originally posting this that “It is the Chinese New Year as well as Lunar Imbolc, with a New Moon in Aquarius. The energy of the day facilitates major life changes.” Amazing how the cards join in with Astrology. Thanks to Lisa Eddy for the astrology info!

Thanks also to you,Β  for joining me. I’d love to hear what changes you’re dancing through this week!

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Dancing Towards New Times

7 thoughts on “Dancing Towards New Times

  1. Lovely synchronicity with the Wildwood and the Lunar/Chinese New Year energy πŸ™‚ I am feeling a need for massive, sweeping changes in several areas of my life right now. And yes, I’ll be happier if I can do it dancing through the week. New Moon Blessings x

    1. Yes, I couldn’t believe it. I published my post, then come across yours 15 minutes later. So, I nabbed your astrological link and connected the two! Wish I could get my head into astrology, I just can’t though… The maths involved… or is that just for reading birth charts?? :/ Anyway, thank you lovely lady and credit to you for the synchronicity provided! :*

    1. Hey T-J! I’ll be reading your blog too, in a moment. Changing eating habits to healthier ones is certainly a change associated with this time of year. πŸ™‚

  2. Ha ha, I actually applied this post to my current challenge: a kitchen renovation project! We have lived in our house for around 9 years, and have never quite gotten round to decorating/improving it. Instead we have done the unseen necessities: new roof, new central heating, new insulation etc.

    Well, finally, I am getting a brand new kitchen, hooray! And although the room is only small, it is proving quite a strenuous feat indeed when you consider the fact that I am juggling all this around 2 young children, my writing business, and a husband who is obsessed with work and out of the home for most of the day…

    Yes, I am certainly dancing towards new times, with my paintbrush in hand! πŸ˜‰

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