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Making Plans in Advance

What plans are you making this half term week?

Even during the school holidays, making plans is essential. They can be as loose, or as tight as you wish, but having one can help! If you want help making one, I’m right here.

A change in routine can be a pain in the rear end at times, a blessing in disguise in others. School holidays are usually heralded by stroppy, tired kids, their parents or teachers. Sometimes, all three at the same time! That’s okay, if you know it’s coming and you have a plan.

plansSome things in life cannot be planned for, though. Sometimes, the next move on the chess board of life isn’t ours to make, so what on earth do you do then?

The King of Bows from The Wildwood can help. He’s all about being honourable and magnanimous, standing out from the crowd. Have you seen all the memes on Facebook recently, talking about being individual and coming into your own power? Male or female, this card is all about owning your own power and taking command of it and the situations you may find yourself in.

This card is certainly full charisma, lots of adders are trying to be unique, being assertive and enthusiastic. Do you need to borrow these characteristics, this half term week? Where do you need to take charge? (Ha, any parent at home with the kids at half term, knows the answer to that!) Or do you need to bolster your self-esteem, because the kids are tearing it out of you? Another positive characteristic of the King of Bows is to be benevolent, and gentle with the kids and yourself, to a certain point.

So for the remainder of this week, lets keep the dominating, self-righteous and bullying aspects of this card down to a minimum. As is sometimes necessary with kids, bribery and corruption are common place, but only for sweets and technology 😉

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Making Plans in Advance
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