Reflect On A Challenge!

It’s time to reflect as we look back at a challenge.

On the third anniversary of becoming a mum to a gorgeous baby girl, the Wildwood reminds me to reflect at the challenges faced, overcome and be appreciative of what I’ve accomplished. Let me share, so I can help you.

Oh my, what a difference three years make! From a squally baby who didn’t want to show up until she was darned good and ready (remind me, how many of you followed me during my last trimester?) to the bossy little madam that I’m having the pleasure of getting to know.

Kids never stay the same, not for a moment. Not that we want them to stay the same forever, they’re darned hard work! It’s human nature, to look back and go: I wish I’d done X, or hadn’t done Y. And as for Z…. Well, we’re human, we always think of things we could have done better after the event.

The Wildwood though, reminds us that we need to reflect on the challenges we’ve overcome. The Ace of Stones is the first one up, the Foundations of Life. I produced three gorgeous, witty, annoying, charming, frustrating, delightful children. They’re all that, and more. They’re my rock, my reason for getting up with the alarm in the mornings (and for needing coffee, tea, chocolate, wine, hair colourings… 😀 )

The Mirror reflects back at us, gives us a glimpse of what’s past and what’s to come. She personifies patience and prudence and she says: Trust. Surrender your will and stop fighting against the flow (ha! The Goddess knows that ain’t gonna happen!) or force the pace (yeah, OK, I get it) because the Cosmos will get to it when she’s ready and not before.

The Great Bear speaks of a challenge. I did initially think that this was a challenge that was to come, but the Mirror makes me look at the past, which is why I feel that the challenge of raising three kids, initially, has passed. There’s more to come, of that I have no doubt, but for now, I’m out into the other side. All are above the age of three, and whatever life throws at us, we’re family, so we’ll face the challenges together.

This Full Moon is about getting rid of that which no longer serves us, so the negative thoughts of what I’ve not done right, have to go. The fears of the challenges ahead? Bury them. Now is not the time to be worrying, enjoy life! You’ve three foundations, lady!


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Reflect On A Challenge!
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