Appreciating Your Mother


How can you show appreciation to the wonderful Mothers in our lives?

Appreciating our mothers (the good ones!) and showing that you’re grateful for all their hard work doesn’t have to cost the stash of pocket money of the children they loving bought into this World. And if you’re a mother yourself, do simple solutions work best? What are the simple solutions that are available to you?

Appreciating anyone in our lives who has, for whatever reason, gone over and above the call of duty, can be hard. You want the meaning of the thank you, to be really heart-felt. Appreciating our Mothers can be harder, because they never really stop. Honestly, we don’t! So, I asked the Tarot “How can we show appreciation for our Mothers on Mothers Day?” In the UK, we celebrate this day before our American cousins, but that doesn’t matter, I’ve created a 3 card spread for you to use at any time, for anyone you need guidance on this for.


Your first card on What to Appreciate, is: Queen of Stones. Appreciate your mother’s ability to pull rabbits out of the hats at the eleventh hour, when you finally show her the school letter you were sent home with two weeks ago. Appreciate that your mum won’t have had a full nights’ sleep. She may have stayed up way past her bed time to do your project, or finish it off.

The Middle card of How Not to Show It, is The Seer. Don’t be a sulky bum or a quiet mouse. Your mum can tell, without you speaking, what’s going through your little mind. You being a little sulky pants is an indication that you’ve don’t appreciate all her hard work.

The last card of : How To Show It, is The Two of Stones. Don’t fight and pick fault with her hard work. If you didn’t want it the way she’s done it, you can do it for yourself and ask for help. Be nice, say thank you; don#t cause conflicts just because you can. Put the effort in yourself, so you appreciate the hours she spends later on, when you’re tucked up in bed.

Here’s how the cards looked, when I laid them out.


Celebrate your supportive parents, regardless of who they are. How do you do show support? How did the kids show support, love and appreciation? Let me know! I’ll pop back during the day and look for comments/feedback!

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Appreciating Your Mother
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