Coping with Exhaustion

Being your own best friend, can be tricky!

Coping with being tired and dealing with a mountain of “To do” tasks that a military unit would call normal, can be tricky! How do you cope? What do you need to know about this aspect, this week? I asked my favourite 78 friends, The Wildwood, but you can ask me when we met.

Coping with tiredness, due to lack of sleep and worry, needs addressing. I drew a story board from The Wildwood to ask: How am I going to cope this week? I could curl up and go back to bed as I write this. Too many things going around in my mind means I did not settle or sleep long enough, again. I’m a creature that needs 8 hours!

The first card; the Two of Vessels, tells me to take care of, and be friends with myself. I can resonate with that, I’ve not been my “friend” for a most of this week, even though it was my birthday last Monday.  This card is also about sharing the burdens, since that’s why I slept badly. The middle card; Four of Vessels, suggests that I’m not engaged: boredom doesn’t come into it. I’m tired, I need more sleep. So, why not take a nap during the day, when the toddler does? I haven’t done that for a while and I could do with doing it this week. The final card; Six of Arrows, reminds me that every day is a step away from being Mrs Grouchy Bear, if I can follow the advice given and take care of myself. Treat day as a step away from the person I’ve become, get back on track.

So what do you need to do this week, to get yourself back on track? Be your own friend.  If your friend was feeling as you do now, what would say to them? Use that advice for yourself this week. Rest, if you have to. Coping with fatigue, tiredness or anything else when you’re drained isn’t good. Replenish your well, as I will replenish mine.

Blessings to you and yours!


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Coping with Exhaustion

4 thoughts on “Coping with Exhaustion

  1. A belated but very well meant happy Birthday Louise. Luckily we do have tarot to give us the advice we so often give to others. I hope you will be able to carve out that much needed time for yourself and keep doing so even if you not exhausted anymore. It is a healthy habit indeed ±D

    1. Hello lovely! It sneaks up on you, like a ninja, then knocks you out. It must happen to a lot of mums and dads. 😀

  2. Very wise advice, Louise, and so simple yet so difficult to achieve for many people! This was me 12 months ago, until I took a step back, listened to my spirit guides, and got the rest and recuperation that I needed. I am probably heading for another burnout, but this time I can nip it in the bud without feeling the old guilt that I used to. I send you good wishes for your own rest and rejuvenation 🙂

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