Reconnect and Breathe

It’s quite easy to get lost in life and forget to do things, like post a blog. 

What do you do when you need to reconnect? I can help you, if you’d like! 

I’ve been meaning to post here for about 5 days, but life got slightly in the way. That’s OK,  the real stuff has to take priority and if it’s not taking the youngest to A&E to work out if she’s broken her elbow, it’s getting the newsletter finished (due out Friday, if I can just get the opening paragraph correct!) or Easter bonnets / crowns made,  seeing the boys in various productions at school or getting the allotment ready for new growth.

Getting back into the game, or reconnecting, is important.  The longer you leave it, the harder it is to get back into the swing of things.

I asked the Wildwood: How do I reconnect? Here’s its answer.

What to do : The Heron / King of Vessels
What to avoid doing : 7 of Vessels ~ Mourning
Things to remember : The Hooded Man


What to do : The Heron / King of Vessels (Far left card)
This card is probably the first time I’ve understood him straight off.  Notice that he had one foot out of the water, one foot in it? Straddle both worlds, change get if you have to, dance as you need to dance, adapt and just do it.

What to avoid doing : 7 of Vessels ~ Mourning (Bottom middle card)
This one was pretty easy to understand too.  Don’t cry over spilt milk, you can’t change the past,  move on. Plans change, it can’t be helped, not everything is about how you want it to work out.

Things to remember : The Hooded Man
This is the hardest card, given it’s in a free interpretation position.  Maybe I should just keep my mental kicking to myself,  but then,  how can I help you if I do that? I’m human, as are you and we all need to help each other out. That’s my aim, but this one I’ll chalk up to personal experience and reconnect with the blog and my chosen profession.

So, when you need to reconnect with your game plan, ask your 78 friends. Or ask me to ask any of mine 😉

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Reconnect and Breathe

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  1. Maybe The Hooded Man is a reminder to take regular time for yourself; to reflect what it is you really want. As a mother of young children this can be so easily forgotten

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