A New Emotional Week Begins

This is a new week, so what emotional message does The Wildwood carry down to us from its leafy branches?

Another week begins and The Wildwood and I have hints on what’s in store for us. Are you sitting comfortably, with a beverage of choice in hand? Good, then lets begin.

Emotional needs are important to us all. Having a heads up on what may lay in store,and how that may affect our emotional ship, is helpful. Like a weather report, it can give us an indication of what may happen.

emotional rebirthWhere are you now? Eight of Vessels: You’re in a time of emotional rebirth and renewing. You’ve had a few struggles, but you’ve taken the time to refill your emotional well and now you’re ready to give back. Taking me time is important, remember that! Your emotional needs are important. If they’re off, everything else tends to be too.

Let is go, let it flow: be happy to be at one with yourself, for a while.

destinationWhere are you going to? Six of Bows: There’s a place that’s abundant in all we need: Food, shelter, warmth. This place isn’t just fictional, it can be created to physically touch and it can be created within you. Have you created such a place, yet? Do you need to maintain it? Have you yet to create it? You know where you are on this goal, that’s your reward, when you get there.

responsibilityWhat’s the bridge between them? Ten of Bows: It’s very important that you close up, finish off and hand back, any responsibility that is just going to drain you again.
Some stresses of life need putting down and left there. Some, aren’t even yours to carry, but you do because of whom you’re carrying them for. There’s just a few more steps, then you can put the burden down, leave it there and divide it up. You can breathe again.

This week, it’s all about keeping your emotional well stocked up and not letting it run dry again due to taking care of other people’s tasks. Help out, yes, but doing it for them isn’t working out so great for you. Hand it back so you can enjoy your abundance, or leave work at the door as you leave.

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A New Emotional Week Begins

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