Isn’t It A Struggle….

Going onwards, when you really don’t want to, says more about you than words can ever convey, or that I can write in a blog.

We’re at the time of the Eight of Arrows, continuing our struggle onwards through life. I’ve 78 friends to call on, you have me, when you’re ready.

We all have struggles in life. Some, we see in people who struggle with something physical, a broken arm or leg, a limp or one hand. Most of the time though, we don’t see the burdens that others carry within themselves. We never know what stresses or struggles they are carrying.

Eight of Arrows ~ StruggleI’ve been reading Alison Cross’ brilliant book on Kindle about A Year in The Wildwood (Yes, my favourite deck, my deck) and this is the card that is associated with this point in the year. It’s no great leap for me to hear this song in my head when I draw this card (Clannad, Struggle from their Banba album*) and it is of course, through Mark playing Clannad on a shoot for the Robin of Sherwood that drew that band to that TV show, that drew Mark to my eyes and this deck as a result. It’s all connected and not through 6 degrees! (More like 2 and a very small circle 😉 )

But I digress, slightly. Mark puts this card at this point of the year. The Aries New Moon that happens at this time of year (tonight, as it happens) is often a struggle, as we astrologically change from the floaty waters of Pisces to the passionate Fire sign of Aries.

We can still help ourselves though. As it’s noted in Alison’s book (Page 42) the lantern this lady carries can light our way, as it lights hers. She’s not totally without clothes and support (the staff & lantern) though what she wants to do is thwarted by the wind and the struggle is more uphill than plain sailing right now.

This card reminds us to dig deep. We can do this. You can do this. Yes, you can! I spent four days in Vienna, a gaming weekend away with a girl-friend. It was peaceful, well deserved and fun! (22k of steps, 4 days on the trot!) but I missed my kids and I was keen and glad to be home. I had the tools to survive and they all got the chance to develop some of theirs too: Bonus!

You too have the tools to survive, to struggle through. They’re close at hand, so dig deep, and keep putting one foot before the other.


*I can’t find the You Tube Video with that song on it, it got withdrawn. All I could find were the lyrics, I’m sorry.
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Isn’t It A Struggle….
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