Let’s Discuss : Balance


Temperance is all around us, but difficult to maintain.

The polarized energies of Balance (Temperance) is often hard to obtain. We go too much one way, causing ourselves issues and harm. Then we go too much the other, to compensate. Balance in itself, is tricky! Sometimes, we need help with that.

balanceBalance is essential in life. The two colours used on the snakes here, red and white, are significant. Red represents blood, fire and iron, whilst white represents milk, ash and bone. Our bodies contain both blood (red) and the bone (white) as well as lots of iron and other minerals and nutrients. I chose this card to discuss in detail, as we’re nearly at May Day, Beltane.

The balance that this Wildwood card represents, is the balance between human and nature. We’re now somewhat detached from the reality that we need the Earth to survive. Some of us, still get it. The majority of us do not. It’s taken for granted, especially if you go to a super market and you get strawberries in October!

Balance isn’t just about being at one with nature or the Earth. It’s also about being balanced internally too. Not too meek, not too outgoing, not too quiet, not too noisy. Finding that balance is a trick that we’re taught we must strive for when we’re able to communicate verbally with our parents and peers. Being in balance isn’t easy, ask my 6-year-old, who really does swing from one extreme to the other over the slightest little thing.  Him more, than the other two.

Being patient is another aspect of this card that can cause some issues. Does the Queen song: I want it all! fit with this, do you think? I think it fits rather well, for that’s the mentality most of the Western population. They’re not prepared to wait for it until it’s in season, or when the time is right. Instant gratification is the most chosen method. I feel we must teach our children that they must have patience. I can start with my three.

What do you need to keep in balance this week? What do you need to apply patience to this week? Share with me, if you wish!


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Let’s Discuss : Balance
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