Let’s Discuss… The Mirror

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It’s time to reflect and ponder.

This is a new part of the blog, where I take a card and hope to explore it to the fullest I can. If I can find enough words! 😉 So, let’s discuss… The Mirror Card.

The Mirror is placed in the Wheel around the Autumn Equinox (my eldest son’s birthday) and she is your gateway into the unknown.  She’s the one who can tap into your hidden knowledge and, wisdom and insights. She’s particularly partial to those of us on a spiritual journey.   She can be linked back to Arthurian times, with Morgan leading Arthur into limbo and healing him on the Isles of Avalon. (Though I don’t recall Morgan doing that?)

mirrorI find that the hidden knowledge is reflected back as you think deeply. Asking yourself questions and being honest with your answer(s) is one way to use this card. Reflecting on what has happened when something is over and done with (try 6 weeks after, if that’s not too soon for you!) can be helpful too. Though, that does require some strong objectivity on your part. It also requires patience and prudence, as well as trust.

Look at the card again. Can you see there’s a figure in the boat? That figure is supposed to be Arthur, on his way to the Isle of Avalon. However, what if that figure in the boat is you, heading off within yourself, to your inner Isle of Avalon.? What might you find there?

What answers do you contain within? Think about what could you have surrendered to? What should you have given in to? Where were you not patient?

With this card, if you’re working with it, pay attention to your dreams and listen to what comes up in your meditations. That is, if you meditate. If not, you may need to whilst you’re working closely with The Mirror.

I can assist you in your journey if you wish!




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Let’s Discuss… The Mirror
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