Thank You For Being A Friend

Thank you for being a friend, says I.

Who are your friends? What do you expect of them? What do they expect of you? My 78 friends of The Wildwood are there to help me and with them, I can help you.

Friends are a miracle of human existence. We can get along perfectly well with one person or a specific group, then wish to harm the next that we encounter.

It’s amazing that we are the dominant species on the planet, given that we’re able to hurt and main one another for holding this belief or that belief. I really don’t think religion comes into being a decent human being. Before the Romans, before Christianity, how did we live? Probably the same way we do now. We fought to survive, we created communities so we could aid one another. We found a strength in numbers.

friendThese two anthropomorphic beings have found an attraction to each other, through ask the diversity and strife of life. It’s said that Zeus split our hearts in two, so that we were weaker. As a whole inside the same body, we were too strong. Not quite sure I believe that, but I’m willing to accept that somewhere along the line, we got complacent and without the challenge and strife, we’d wither away. (Queue your Firefly – Serenity story line here.)

We strive on. We carry on and with the help of friends, we get through. There are SO many great songs (Little Help From My Friends (The Wonder Years), Thank You For Being A Friend (Golden Girls)) that could be linked to this card: I only picked two to get you going! What other songs can you connect / link to this card? Comment below, let me know!

This card’s message is saying: Connect as a friend first and foremost. Remember to be a friend to yourself first too! Being a friend to your partner, as well as their lover, can be of a great help.

With many blessings,


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Thank You For Being A Friend

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