Let’s Discuss… Hard Lessons

After my trust and faith in humanity was let down recently, I drew the Three of Stones to work out why. Breathe, woman!

It’s quite easy to get sucker punched when you get a curve ball thrown at you. What happened earlier in the week was my fault, I’ve learnt that. Seems I always learn the hard way.

hard lessonsI tend not to pay attention to things, or my higher self, when I’m “in the moment”. I should listen to myself, I really DO give great advice, even if I’m not so great at following it through. Earlier this week, that cost me but you know, it’s a hard lesson learnt, it didn’t harm anyone or anything (beyond my ego) and it taught me to have better processes and steps in place before I undertake a reading. That, I can improve on.

I was as annoyed as heck (still am, but I’m finding my Zen on that) and it disturbed my sleep. Anyone who knows me knows I can sleep for all the tea in China and the heather in Scotland. Rise me up before my 9 hours, and I’m a Dragon from the depths of Hell.  Even my kids know that! (As well they should!)

To ground myself, I looked through all 78 cards to ask: What do I need to learn here. The 3 of Stones caught my eye via the images on my laptop, and that was that.

The first thought I had, was “Breathe!” then “That was a quick, hard lesson, wasn’t it? Now, sort it out so it won’t happen again!”. Spirit guides don’t tend to mess around. I tend to get clients who need straight answers, a motivational kick, a final reminder. I needed one myself and my spirit guides were spot on. As always. Maybe this client will do as he was asked, but that little voice within says that he won’t. Regardless, I’ve had my lesson and now I’ve shored that aspect of my business up, it’s time to move on and get on with life. I connected within myself for my true message on this front.

What do you need to connect into this week? What do your guides say when you think of an aspect that you’re facing? If you’d like help with that, I’m right here

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Let’s Discuss… Hard Lessons

2 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss… Hard Lessons

  1. Well done you for speaking the truth and accepting your lesson! I have learned this week that I need to stop telling everyone else to look after themselves, and actually do that for myself. In other words, I need a break! So, tonight, when the children are in bed, I will retire to the sofa (without the laptop), and rest. 🙂

    1. Yay, for being without the laptop! I’m in a pub, having dinner and wine with my second ever bestie! Only took 38 years to find this one! 🙂

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