Let’s Discuss : The Shaman

The next card from this deck is The Shaman. The earthly Magician.

The Magician of this deck is The Shaman. He’s the one who reminds us that we are all magic.

The Shaman.
The Shaman from The Wildwood Tarot Deck

We forget, as we get older, that the power to make changes is right with us. It always is, just sometimes we forget to use that power. I often akin this card to Paul Hollywood, a British Master Baker (Great British Bake Off). His ability to make bread of various types reminds me of this Shaman. Able to take the ingredients from various sources and make something fantastic out of it.

The Shaman reminds me of that skill and whilst Mr Hollywood portrays it in a physical form, this fellow reminds us that we all have that ability within us. We need to recall that power and somewhere along the way, in this corporate driven World I live in, we forget that we can call on this internal power and tweak things.

The tools that The Shaman has at his feet, reminding us that the tools we need are right there, within us.

Let’s look at his tools for a moment. The roebuck skull represents air, a stone knife represents earth, the smoking bundle represents fire and the hollow antler-tine cup, water. He represents the spiritual side of us that should, always, respect the nature around us and the life that lives within it.

This fellow offers insight into the complexities of the human psyche and the natural rhythm of life. The two are not always the same. This magician applies his magic with intent, he studies, he understands. He has spent time and learnt from the past and will help teach in the future.

Some of his magic is within. He will meditate, he will undertake inner working and he offers understanding; he’s a complex a being as you or I. His craft requires dedication, patience, wisdom and willpower. He’s quite the character, the Shaman.

So, this week, now Mercury has gone direct and we sling-shot ourselves out into life, what does The Shaman offer to you that you can take forward?

This is The Wildwood Deck (by Ryan, Worthington & Matthews) and the ramblings are a mixture of my own and some re-reading of the extensive book that comes with the deck. 

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Let’s Discuss : The Shaman

2 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss : The Shaman

  1. Right now I need the Shaman to remind me how to make my children behave, and if possible, subdue them just enough to give me 5 minutes’ peace… yep, it is a rather stressful week for this frazzled mother! 😉

    1. Oh no! Farm them out to daddy when he gets home! No one listens to mum unless we go harlequin crazy anyway.

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