Energies During a New Moon

Energies rise and fall. We can sense them more at the New Moon. Which way will they fall for you?

Finding your feet and keeping them grounded when your energies want you to fly, can be tricky. With the broom at the ready, what does this New Moon have to share with us all? If you’d like to find out, let me know.

I know that this month’s Full Moon is in Taurus. To me, this Sun Sign is stubborn, lazy, self-indulgent, hot-headed, temperamental, possessive. They can, however, be the most helpful and loyal of family members, staunch friends, great advisors and frugal. They’re dependable, generous, down to Earth. I designed this little spread with the question: What do I need to know about my Lunar energies this Full Moon?


The first card drawn doesn’t matter, they’re read in a circle, for there is no light without shadow and there is no bright light without understanding the darkness. Lay your cards out any way you wish.  New Moon Spreads tend to last for about 2 or 4 weeks, depending on when the next Full Moon & New Moon hit. This is a long time to be stubborn!

Here’s what The Wildwood offered for this Taurus New Moon Spread.

earthNegative Energy To Release : The Onyx, Page of Stones.
This might be a strange one, but since the Lynx doesn’t and can’t actually speak, this suddenly becomes quite easy to understand. No more can you sit in the shadows and do nothing. Something has to be said and keeping silent isn’t going to help. Something has to be said, though it may not amount to much. When they (The establishment) come for you, who will speak up then? Release the silence, let them hear your roar. Be stubborn, be the bull in a china shop, cause havoc, make people think. For only by doing that, will a true and informed decision come to light.

energiesPositive Energy to Utilize : The Ancestor
There’s wisdom within us that we do not understand or comprehend. It’s there, guiding us. Call it intuition, our drive, Vulcan logic or something else, there’s the ancient wisdom passed down as it pulses through our veins.

We should tap into it, like the snows that fall, melt, vanish and fall again, it comes back to us again and again. What does your deep intuitive self, say when you meditate on this image? It’s the beat of that ancient drum in your veins that you need to listen to.

It’s time to pass through the gateway of the Silver Birch trees and connect with the elder wisdom within us. Please leave your emotional baggage at the gateway, you won’t be needing it where you’re going in this card. It will only take longer to talk with this lady if you wish to try to take that nonsense with you.

Dancing energiesGrounding Energy : 5 of Vessels ~ Ecstasy
This is an unusual card to have as the base card. It took me the time to write the other two to work out what this one was on about. It’s about being happy! And going through the motions. It’s about dancing through life rather than crying and whilst you’re dancing, you may as well do something useful, like dance a spell.

This is a card I relate to Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. Going through the motions. Nothing seems to penetrate your heart, but you can’t sit back and wait for the feelings to come back to you, you still have to get up in the mornings, go to work, school, food shop, feed the kids, walk the dog, scoop the poop (bet you never thought I’d say that on this blog!)

Well, once you get going, you often forget to be miserable or forget why you’re doing what you’re doing.

There’s always a catch, though: Try playing a Taurus at their own game! See how far that gets you. If of course, you want to play their game at all. It might be wiser to just forget that and find something else to spend your energies on.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this New Moon Blog Post, I look forward to catching you soon!


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Energies During a New Moon

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  1. I know all about scooping the poop! We lead a glamorous life, don’t we? Thanks for a fun and insightful New Moon (or as I prefer to call it, Dark Moon) reading 🙂

    1. You’re welcome! And yes, the poop has to be scooped! The amount of people that don’t… Eugh! :-$

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