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I asked for questions for the blog and this one came up. I’m sure everyone in this profession has been asked this one: Are they my Soul mate?!

 A soul mate can be a very loose term for something that is often very different from what is actually being asked

Firstly, let me please define soul mate. It’s a noun that says: Soul mates are people who are ideally suited to us as either friends or romantic partner.

Secondly, let me offer another phrase that will substitute soul mates about 50% of the time (from my experience); Life Partner.

The two are not always the same, in my experience. If you’re having to ask a Tarot Reader, psychic or someone else in this profession, a question that goes along the lines of “My life with X is hell, are we soul mates?” the answer is very likely to be very negative. If your life is hell, then by the definition of the first point above, your souls are not aligned, therefore, they’re not a soul mate. If your life is hell and they’re a long-term partner, you may want to change tact and work through it or let the other person go, walk away. As per the first point, your best friend can be a soul mate, but you’re not necessarily going to marry them!

soul mate spread template@Mitzy12 on Twitter asked this question and I wanted to clarify what my definition of a soul mate was before I shared her question with you and the Wildwood’s answer. The question was: They say everybody has a soul mate, do we have to search for that person or do they somehow cross our path ? I love Mitzy’s question: it’s open-ended and from that, I designed a 3 card spread to answer it.

Tcards on the soul mate spread he three questions within it are closed because it takes the overall question and breaks it down. I used the Infinity symbol because I’m sure this question is as old as time itself!

Let’s begin!

Do I have to search for my soul mate? The Blasted Oak came out. To me, this indicates a negative reply: chances are you’ll meet them as they fall out of a tree! Okay, that might be a little Back To The Future in reply but don’t discount it. Meeting a significant other when you’re down on your luck happens a lot more than you ever get to hear. They might not be a significant other right away, but if they can come and help you out during your worst moments of life and stick around, they’re worth keeping.

Do I already know my soul mate? The Eight of Arrows was our answer here, hinting that they’re there, shining a light for you, encouraging you on. Only people who already know you who are in your life would encourage you to keep going through the internal storms that can rage inside.  That’s what real friends, proper soul mates do.

What kind of soul mate are they? The three of Stones comes out, with the keyword that I’ll pay attention to; Creativity. This to me, isn’t a romantic soul mate, they’re the friends that inspire you, help you and encourage you to grow, change, adapt. They’re the friends that will lay down with you on the darkest of days, or skip along next to you singing: “Someone’s going to get it” whilst swinging a cricket bat at their side! (Figuratively speaking)

Overall, these cards indicate that your soul mate isn’t the romantic kind, they’re the lifelong friends that will be there for years to come. You may find that they come through for you whilst you’re in a dark moment. It is in those moments, we learn who our friends really are whilst we learn who we are.

Feel free to use my spread and draw your own cards, learn about yourself and others who are in your life. I’d love to see some of the cards you draw on this subject so please do reply and share!

If you’d like to book your own reading on this subject or any other subject you can book your personal reading right here or contact me to offer up a question for next week!

With blessings!

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Soul Mate : The Wildwood’s Take

2 thoughts on “Soul Mate : The Wildwood’s Take

  1. Ooh, I like this post, and what a great Tarot spread! I like to call my friends Kindred Spirits, and sometimes I meet people casually and we simply click, you know, everything just makes sense. It even happens when we don’t necessarily speak to each other, we might walk past with a smile and a nod, but we know each other instinctively on another spiritual plane. In my experience romantic soulmates show up only when we are not actively seeking them…

    1. There’s a trend right now about kindred spirits being romantic soul mates. The two are very different, IMO. 🙂

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