Always Correct : The Tarot

The Tarot is always correct, it’s our understandings that are often off base.

This came in answer to my question query from Facebook. “Why is the Tarot, always correct?” Not me, I can be as wrong as a “U” bend at times! But the Tarot, that’s not wrong.

I’d love to say, I’m personally right all the time. However, I am human, I’m fallible. The cards are just cards, with images that trigger thoughts and reactions inside your head. So, why is the Tarot correct when the reader isn’t always?

looking for the correct experienceFor one thing, personal experience. My experience is going to be so very different from yours. What triggers in your head is going to be different from the thoughts that go through my head; even as we view the same image. It’s just like having a different view on a piece of art. It’s subjective, depending on your experiences in life. I wouldn’t say I had a sheltered life, but thanks to the decisions my parents took, it was an easier life than maybe I’d have had in Glasgow. We’ll never know, for sure. (Unless I can get a parallel universe me to compare notes with 😉 )

You’ll find when people create a spread, we assign positional meanings to them. That’s because we want to know something specific from that card in that place, along with the rest of the cards. It’s not just left to “Oh, what do we see??” as we draw the cards out. Well, not all the time!

offering the correct opinionLife experiences can influence intuitive readings, which is why I took the time to learn the traditional meanings as well as build on my intuition. If I had carried on when I was 16, I’d have a lot more wealth of information to hand, but I didn’t. I did as I was bid and put the cards away. I’ve over 90 decks now, I wonder what my mother would say to that? I’ll ask her when I see her next!

Each time I write a blog post or any Tarot reader writes a blog post about a card or a set of cards, or any Tarot reader reads your cards, you’re asking them for their opinion, their thoughts. They’ve taken the time to learn what the traditional meanings are, built on and worked with their intuition. They’ve invested time and often money on courses etc. to build that up. Reading the cards for someone isn’t just a “throw away” thing. It takes energy and for the good ones amongst us, we adopt an ethical responsibility to help the querent to their highest good. That does result in sometimes, saying “I can’t read for you, I’m sorry” and may contain things that you’d rather not hear, but need to. Sometimes, we’re the advice you need, not what you want.

The cards are just literal. I’ve demonstrated this with the two Queens I’ve chosen to illustrate this blog. Their nuances and applications come out of your experiences.

I hope that gives you further insight into how Tarot readings work. I’ve a guest post coming up next week and I hope you enjoy her input.

If you’d like the opinion of the Tarot, with my insight, you can book your reading with me right here.

Until next time, Namaste. #tarot #wildwood #queens #correct #halesowen #psychic #oldhill #dudley #blackcountry

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Always Correct : The Tarot
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