What Could You Do With Knowing?

This week, there’s so much going on, what do could you do with knowing about, in advance?

Getting a heads up can be beneficial. It gives you time to think, adjust and adapt, long before the rolling stone that is life comes and tries to knock you sideways. 

Knowing what energy coat we need to wear, can be helpful. We can all look out of the window and work out if we want shorts on, or a long heavy skirt, trousers… whatever. We can all make that decision because we can see the effects outside already. Energies aren’t that obvious, though they’re as transparent as the wind, they can be just as hurtful and energy-zapping.

Let’s take a peek at the energies for this coming week, and get our “heads up”; knowing is better than not, isn’t it?

knowledgeWhat might be helpful knowing? Nine of Arrows ~ Dedication. I smiled as this card came out. Keep your focus, ignore the thoughts and comments of everyone else if they’re not true to the path you’re walking. Dedication is the name of the game and for that, you need to be “lost” in your own world. This is a little like The Chariot (Archer in this deck) in their focus and dedication. This, however, is more to do on an everyday level. It’s not the setting up of a big project, it’s the getting down to work, getting stuff done. That list of jobs to do needs tackling. Sitting back and thinking: “Ach, it can wait”. Well, no, it can’t because miracles don’t happen like that. Neither do house cleaning fairies. Or blog posts.  They don’t get written themselves, though, at times I wish they would!

quantum leapWhat won’t be as helpful in knowing? Ace of Vessels ~ Waters of Life. Okay, so this as the next card can only be described as my Samuel Beckett card: Oh boy!

Getting emotionally attached to one idea, or one way of doing something is certainly restricting. This is a large pool of water, it gives life. Emotions can do that and emotions can take away parts of our life if we let it. So, as this card so clearly illustrates (thanks to Will Worthington). Go with the flow! Don’t try to force things where they don’t want to go. Water can be guided, but it can cut and carve its own way quite well. Look at the Grand Canyon or the River Nile.

Water eventually, will corrode whatever stands in its way. It’s best to try and move it around something, or better yet, don’t let it flow too fast, unchecked.

knowledgeEnergy to embody this week is… The Shaman. What a brilliant card to finish on! All that knowledge and power sit within you. You can make things happen if you want to. I usually describe this fellow as Paul Hollywood, the Master Baker. He’s got all the ingredients, he knows the recipe and he can tweak it this way and that way, depending on what he wants to do with it.

He knows more ways to do something (like bake bread) than you will likely ever know. He’s forever adapting things, learning new knowledge, skills, methods. He’s not shy at working hard and he’s powerful with it. Not to mention, older. Notice the grey?

I’m kind of glad Mr Hollywood doesn’t have such a long, white flowing beard. That would cause havoc in the kitchens with the mixers, wouldn’t you say?

This week, enjoy making things happen. Enjoy trying new things and tweaking old things. It reminds me of “Reduce, reuse, upcycle!”

Go on, give it a try! Let me know how you get on. I love chatting with you all! (SpookyMrsGreen: No, your recent kitchen renovation doesn’t count my lovely 😉 ) And if you want to know your specific card for this week, feel free to order your reading, right here.



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What Could You Do With Knowing?
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