Father’s & Lithia

Father’s Day, Litha, Full Moon, our British Astronaut comes home and goodness knows what else, all in the space of 48 hours. 

Back on Mother’s Day (UK time), I created this spread for our wonderful mum’s. It can be used again for the dads and the male role models in our lives. 

father'sBeing a father is a word. Being a daddy and celebrating Father’s Day is so much more! There’s a magnet on my fridge: “Anyone can be a father, it takes someone special to be a daddy.” And it does.

A father’s love can be tough, the buck stop to children’s inability to listen to their mother (who thinks she’s now a broken record!) or the final (and a favourite) one of: “Wait until your father gets home!”

However, not all father’s have iron hands: some have a good mix of a velvet glove and an iron hand, others have just the velvet glove. My Green Man has a good mixture of both, which I find useful and very helpful. From the spread, I know what I appreciate about my husband. I know the other two cards as well, but let’s see what the Tarot thinks.

The Tarot Reading:

The King of Bows: What To Appreciate 
I certainly appreciate the daddy’s fire and passion. The kids do sometimes too. They know where they stand with him and what they can and cannot get away with. Now, I’m not exactly a push-over, but often, rather than screaming, I send them to their dad. They know what to expect from him! Often, them waiting for him to come home and speak with him, adds to their misery. That may seem cruel, but it gives them extra time to realise that they’ve overstepped my boundary.

4 of Bows : How Not To Show It
Letting them off anything, when they’ve been warned, isn’t something he does. I’ll relent a little when the three of them wear me down but he does not. So once they’ve been advised (warned) that’s it. There’s no fun once the punishment has been dished out. Sometimes, they can work or transition their punishment off. This may seem cruel, but they’re slowly understanding the effects they have on others. Even the little lady is getting wise to that now!

7 of Stones : How To Show It
He will sit them down and talk with them, making them understand what they’ve done and how much harder they’ve made it for poor old mum (yes, sometimes, I’ve been in tears from their antics) and he makes them sit down and think about their results. He gives them a chance to think, to heal and reflect on the consequences of their actions. Because he makes them do that, things get easier as they get older and the eldest’s example is helping the younger two.


So this Lithia, let’s celebrate the wonderful fathers in our lives, whether you’re able to hug them or not. I walked past several memorial benches in my local park this wet Lithia, some had bunches of flowers on them, clearly still in the memories of those left behind. Some did not, and I like to think that they were remembered in other ways, privately. Now, if Mother Nature could kindly turn off the sprinklers (which seem to be set to drench!) and turn up the external thermostat, that would be fabulous!

I’m glad I finally get to share with you the dynamics of our little family. I doubt I’ll share them again soon because family is private, isn’t it? 😉

I’ve used The Wildwood Tarot for the cards and spreads, which I designed and in addition,  I give you permission to use the spread if you so wish.

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Father’s & Lithia

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