Guest Post : Is He Coming Back?

Very often, we Tarot readers are asked: Is he coming back?

I want to introduce you to a Tarot Reading buddy of mine in London : Anton Rossi.

I think I’ve known Anton for about a decade (maybe longer, neither of us are really counting) and when I finally got my tail down to the big smoke, we met up for drinks one year. Well, we’re still in touch and I asked her to guest blog here. She created the question and the spread: Is he coming back? Her style is very different to mine, we don’t tend to work with the same decks (she prefers darker ones) but we both rate Ciro Marchetti, our birthday’s are close (though a few years apart) and we both speak as we find. What’s not to love about her?!

Here she is and if you want to visit her, you can find her Facebook page and website links at the bottom.

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Well… one of the questions that, among others that are asked very often to us readers is: “Will he/she come back?” Often we’re asked repeatedly.

I generally do not really answer yes or no questions and so I have created this small spread to help answer the question asked and to give more insight. For this I have used both a Tarot deck (The Buckland Romani Tarot) and a Lenormand deck (Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand) to see if a) if they match; b) if they give a slightly different answer. They are two very different systems and, if you are not familiar with Lenormand, feel free just to use the 3 cards Tarot spread.

Also, bear in mind that of the Lenormand I have asked the question straight as above (Will he/she come back?) 

Here is the spread:

Is he coming back to me spread
Tarot & Lenormand Spread

The positions are (left to right) are:

  1. Why did we break up?
  2. What is the lesson for me?
  3. What are the possibilities of a reconciliation?


 1) 7 of Chivs (Swords)

Well, I would say that there have been plenty of misunderstandings, discussions, perhaps arguments that have finally led to this. Many see this as a card of deception and sometimes it can indicate that. But I feel that in this case it could be about one’s own ego, the 7 of Swords can be about also deceiving oneself, perhaps trying to believe that what you are doing is really right, there is a method to some madness right? But, ultimately, the reason why this break up occurred is because either one of you or both were likely not on the same page, and one was putting themselves first.

2) The Hermit

The lesson here is that there was the need for some space, perhaps on both sides but, either way, this is a card of reflection. And very much of learning too. So this is the start of a journey, the upsets or pain of this breakup will bring new knowledge to the surface, and this is going to be a knowledge that will help us grow. We will come out the other side much wiser and stronger. With The Hermit you may also need to learn the lesson on patience, from this point on nothing regarding this situation is going to move along fast.

3) Ace of Bolers (Pentacles)

This is a very good card to have for this as an outcome. I think it is answering a yes but in terms of possibilities, it is saying that it is going to take time. Perhaps from this space and break a seed has been planted. The energies of this card are those of something new being created. But it is Pentacles, and it is an Ace, slow to the point. Possibly some months but then it is difficult to be specific with timing in Tarot. This card suggests that the energies have changed and that we will need to learn The Hermit lesson and be patient. But it is indeed a positive outcome.

Overall: I would say that the answer to the main question is yes, they’re coming back, but that it won’t be immediate. There is still the need for some changes to occur and I feel that neither of these two people are ready to move onto the next step. The Ace as an outcome would suggest that there is a good and solid foundation to this connection so it could be restarted given time.


Okay, so at first glance this is a resounding yes to the question: Are they coming back?

 Sun+ Key = Successful result

Key + Woman = An important woman (significator, this could also come out as a man)

Sun + Woman = Successful, optimistic woman

You could ask, what if the sitter was a man? Well, I asked as a woman so perhaps this picked up on me but if that would be the case I would say that a woman could be the key to the “yes answer”.

This spread is free for anyone to use and experiment with so have fun!

You can find Anton’s website here and her Facebook Page is here

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Guest Post : Is He Coming Back?
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