Let’s Discuss : The Green Man

The Green Man, Wildwood Tarot (c) 2012

The consort to the Green Woman, The Green Man is our next card. What is he all about?

There are female and male energies all around us. Look around you? Can you see the difference, just in the people standing next to you?Do you notice the difference in the people you talk with?

The Green Man, Wildwood Tarot (c) 2012The Green Man shows up a lot more than people realise. He is certainly far more celebrated than his consort, the Green Woman. I’ve not yet seen a Green Woman wall plaque for the garden, but I do have a Green Man one. At this time of year, his influence is not as strong as it is in the winter. Without him, the abundance of the flora and fauna we see around us, just would not be possible. It takes two different genders of the same species to procreate, though thankfully, the women do not always carry the babies. (I’m thinking sea-horses. Is there another species have babies that aren’t laid or produced by the girls?)

This is a Major card, so he doesn’t just show up as a person in your life. He could be a situation that is intense but empty (look at his cauldron compared to the Green Woman’s) I never thought of his cauldron as being empty and the book (page 44) says that his cauldron holds the materials of thriving and regenerating nature. Indeed, there are bubbles in this cauldron, but this potion is not ready yet. I guess that is why the liquid is clear.

Using his energy, do you notice the difference in the people you talk with of late? I’ve noticed a change in attitude, some of it really aggressive (Orlando being a very sad example of this) and a breakdown of boundaries. People aren’t accepting the word “No” as a final answer.

The Green Man is capable of bestowing his fertile energy and he can bring you to a new level of confident and assertive dynamism (p45). Personally, I work better with this energy than I do of his consort. I can be a bitter pill for some to take: a little like Marmite. You either love me or hate me. However, you have a choice in how you deal with that hate. Be an adult. Enjoy being an adult, it’s time to make it an experience to remember!

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The deck I’ve used is The Wildwood and the images are used with permission from Will Worthington, who owns the image copyright.

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Let’s Discuss : The Green Man
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