Let’s Discuss : The Ancestor

The Ancient Ones can show us a way through, if you’re prepared to listen to their wise old ways.

With the summer solstice finally hitting, the days being warmer and longer, I wish to take you on a path down through the Wildwood to meet the Ancestor.

AncestorThe Ancestor is like Faith or The Hierophant, but it’s so much more.  Our grandparents may seem set in their ways (if yours are alive,  great!) but being able to call on their sage advice when you need to is ace. What is it you need to put structure and thoughts around this week?

The ancestral view of our world is different to how we see it. They’ve lived through things we never hope to see again. History, though, has a way of repeating itself; mainly because of the lessons we mortals never seem to grasp, but so desperately need.

I then thought about those who have died, may have quickly (or finally) learned all that they needed to, so they no longer need to be on this mortal coil. They’ve ascended,  become enlightened,  transcended the classroom of life. They’ve graduated.

This is what I feel the Ancestors are trying to convey.  They’re sat in the observation lounge, watching,  trying to shout through the glass to give us hints and tips.  It is going to take us to look at them and read their signals, to understand the messages that they’re wanting to convey.

You can work out what message from the old ones do you need to understand this week. What old structure can help you find your way in the depths of life? Those two Silver Birch trees are a gateway; this Ancestor is here to guide you through but the path you actually tread is your own. It’s not predefined, it’s not set in stone.  You’re being guided through life.

These are my ramblings with The Wildwood Tarot deck and I appreciate your visit. In addition, you can have me to guide you right here.

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Let’s Discuss : The Ancestor

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