Let’s Discuss : The Green Woman

Major #3 - The Green Woman

The Green Woman is the Wildwood’s answer to the Empress.

What do you see when you look at this fern-clad, wild rose Goddess?


Major #3 - The Green WomanThe Green Woman of The Wildwood is more than the Empress, for me. She’s life you see springing before you as nature comes into full summer bloom. She’s the force behind the weeds that won’t die (despite what nasty chemicals you put on them). She’s the river that flows, the foxgloves that grow. She’s the new shoots of the ivy tree, the falling of their leaves, the leaves on the trees and the heavy summer rain.

The traditional Empress might show all that, but they don’t get it to the level of the new shoots of your Orchid, or the new Thistle heads that spring up at you. For me, she’s in the Ceanothus blooms that are only now, dying back, the rose buds that are popping open and cascading their sweet scent around everywhere.

My daughter this year, has fallen in love with daisies, buttercups, dandelions and yellow roses (she may have been a rabbit in a previous life đŸ˜‰ ) and points them out to me with great pleasure. This is what the Green Woman is all about. New life. The broody black-rock chicken I have, who is currently sitting on half a dozen Welsh Summers, is also the epitome of this wondrous thing called life.

The Green Woman is only one-half of the equation (I’ll cover her consort next week) but her power is growing as we head to the Summer Solstice. Notice the ferns and the wild roses on her clothes, shoulders and face? She’s sheltering goodness knows what kind of animal and small creatures. Birds would have no protection at this time of year to reproduce if the trees didn’t come back to life, if the sap that runs through them, didn’t flow. The rivers that flow, bring water and nutrients to everything and everyone that uses them. Trees give oxygen and shade, shelter and warmth.

When she appears for you (in any deck) remember that she’s the nurturer, a gentle protector, a teacher. She asks that you be responsible for what you do on this Earth, commune and understand the nature around you. Learn from her abundance and turn your face towards the sun. Be happy and find peace with yourself.

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The deck I’ve used is The Wildwood and the ramblings are partly my own and taken from the book (pages 42 and 43). Images copyright to Eddison Sadd & Will Worthington, 2012.

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Let’s Discuss : The Green Woman
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