Let’s Discuss : The Wise Ancestor

The wise, gentle Ancestor comes out to reveal more about herself. 

The Wildwood’s answer to Faith / Hierophant comes out to join us. What wise angle can the Ancestor give us that we’ve not seen before?

The wise Ancestor from the Wildwood TarotThe gentle wise stare of the Ancestor joins us this week. She’s an anthropomorphic figure with a human body and a head. Do you recognise that idea from somewhere?

The colours of the evergreen cloak may serve to hide this figure in the Wildwood in the summer, but in the depths of winter, that’s not so easy to do. The deer skins may hide her, the pillars of the Silver Birch indicate that she stands at the gateway of nature that will take us out of winter.

The Bodrum that she holds beats the heartbeat of the land, the connection that comes to us and beats within us. The book indicates that this drum can be felt and that is sometimes what we feel drawn to. This Ancestor is like nature itself, the overpowering strength and patience that Nature has. Nature also has a cruel streak, just take a look at tornado and thunderstorms.

She indicates that you’ve made a leap and you’ve started a new chapter of your life. It could and can be a new volume of your life, not just a new chapter. If you’re feeling wary, cagey or apprehensive when you look at this card, that’s normal. Trust your inner voice, listen to your instinctive, inquisitive nature!

We each have an inner ancestor inside us, but we don’t often listen to them. We prefer the louder voices of our ego’s or acting on our immature emotional intelligence. The Ancestor asks that you remove the immaturity of the emotional intelligence and apply it to your life like the strong, patience and wise person I believe we’re trying to return to. Let her lead you to the forest with new eyes and a happier, wiser heart.

These are mostly my ramblings, with bits from the book thrown in for good measure. The Deck is the Wildwood, illustrated by Will Worthington and you can book your consultation right here.

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Let’s Discuss : The Wise Ancestor
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