Let’s Discuss : The Seer ~ The Wildwood’s Sorceress

What does a wise / seer woman look like to you?

Does she have white hair? Is she wrinkly and worn, like old leather? Or does she stare back at you from behind the eyes of the people you look at?

The Seer from The Wildwood Tarot

Seers or witches these days,  don’t always look like something from Arthur’s Camelot or Terry Pratchett books (though,  I deeply respect Granny Weatherwax).  Seers, wise women, witches,  whatever name you go by, come in as many designs and sizes as a pair of knickers.  There are thousands of us,  each different but each the same, to some extent.

The Wildwood’s Witch,  The Seer, is beautiful and haunting, both at the same time. It’s expected that she wears clothes to fit her environment,  we all do.  Hers though would camouflage her well. The cloak of the owl, the shamanic totems, the bag of runes, the staff: they’re all tools she uses to cart the stillness she needs within.  The stillness creates the magic in which thought,  focus and intent can surface.  From there,  anything is possible.

The runes and cauldron are used to ask questions and gain answers from within and from the Divine.  Answers that we might not otherwise be able to answer ourselves. They add to our silent intent and plans, thus creating a course of action.

What the Tarot offers, this card embodies. I think that’s ace, but not everyone can see what good hints and signposts can do for someone. Trying to untangle negative thoughts is like trying to un-spin a spider’s web. It’s not recommended if you’re not trained! However, the Tarot can say: If you push here, this might happen. If you take this silken thread and follow it, you might go here. Life is complicated enough sometimes and we want to see the signposts that are there, we need the help of others. Like the Seer, what is discussed between us, stays that way. I’ve learned to “forget” about them, until such time as you bring them back into focus at another reading. I need my sleep too!

The deck I’ve used is The Wildwood, images are copyright to Will Worthington & Eddison Sadd. The babblings and thoughts are totally my own 😉

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Let’s Discuss : The Seer ~ The Wildwood’s Sorceress

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