The Wildwood and The Referendum

On the morning of the EU Referendum, before I voted, I drew 3 cards.

These 3 cards didn’t have a positional meaning (I know, bad me!) but they told the story of something deeper. Come, join me, if you haven’t had enough of the EU Brexit nonsense already.

The ramifications of the EU Referendum results are not really going to be felt for a while, months, if not a year or two (or longer). On the morning of the vote itself, I was still undecided. I could see arguments for and against, such as:

  • not wanting to be ruled by those we haven’t elected
  • spending money on the EU when we can’t pay doctors and nurses
  • other Nationals coming the country who we have to give benefits to, who aren’t working for or in the Country (and kudos to those that are and do!)
  • Wishing to remain part of a multinational society
  • military backing in case Trumpy Pants ( my kinder nickname for the mangled apricot hell beast) wins in the USA
  • a coming together of nationals and society
  • stay to reign in the current Government who seemingly want to destroy us even more than they did when Thatcher was in charge

What did my trusted, faithful companion, The Wildwood have to offer for me?

The EU Referendum Vote from The Wildwood, taken 23rd June 2016

The Interpretation

The first was the 9 of Vessels, hinting at being generous. Some will argue that we can’t afford it, we’re broke. If we vote to stay, we should be able to negotiate some new conditions on the issues that bother us. I say we’re all human and in this cycle of life together. The Ace of Vessels hints that there are new emotional times ahead. I honestly didn’t think that the vote would go as it did (to leave), I really thought that “Stay” had it in the bag. The Ace hints that there’s a lot of new, raw and not quite yet understood emotions running around. Yeah, now I get that! The Ancestor says: “We’ve been here before. We did it before. We can do it again”. I have to think, have we? Well, yes, the two World Wars.

When the fighting was done and the soldiers returned home, just what exactly do you think were they coming home too? Where the other Nations had bombed their home, we’d bombed theirs, we had freed people from imaginable horror… and yet, in spite of all that, here we are. Arguing amongst ourselves, again. Working out what’s best for us, again. The Referendum was democracy in action. Like it or not, the results are in. Now it’s time to get on with the results.

“Make Britain Great,” the Leave campaign said. Great, when, exactly? Please do tell me. I feel history is repeating itself. We’ve no coal industry to sell off. We’ve hardly an NHS (that SO needs saving!) the other national treasures have been plundered (thanks to the previous Governments, blue mostly) so let’s look at what have we got left.


We have at our disposal, the same resources we had at the end of WW2. Gut, determination, wisdom and sheer dumb luck. Do you know what? We have to make our own luck. So, here’s some Ancestral advice. Instead of whinging that something isn’t going your way, go and find another way. Get off your arse and make it happen. Some way, somehow. Where’s the Bull Dog spirit the Brits are supposed to have? Let’s display some true grit!  I’m not seeing it, though; what I am seeing is the spoilt nature of “I want it NOW, for nothing” coming through. This isn’t a song (Dire Straits, Money for Nothin’) We’re over that, people, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get working for it, time to muck in.

The life you want isn’t going to be handed to you on a damn plate so please, like our Grandparents and parents did, please get off your arse and come join in everyone who has to make a living in this World.

I’ve used The Wildwood and the ranting / thoughts are totally my own. The cards showed me the results before they were in, not how I should vote. I just couldn’t see their meaning, until now.

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The Wildwood and The Referendum

2 thoughts on “The Wildwood and The Referendum

  1. Ha ha, the Tarot will always tell it like it is, whether we want to see that truth or not! I know exactly what you mean with all the foot stamping and self-righteous so-and-so’s demanding everything on their terms and doing it their way. We need to get over ourselves, get out of our own way, and make something that we can be proud of. Go, England! 😉

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