Isolate Deep Within The Wildwood

It’s time to isolate myself from The Wildwood.

Taking time out is necessary for us all. It’s time The Wildwood and I went into isolation for a time.

Society demands our attention from pretty much when we open our eyes, to the moment we close them. I’m sure that one day, hopefully NOT in my lifetime, it’ll be a part of our sleeping world on a regular basis. It can get too much, it can cause burn-out, exhaustion, depression and other nasty wee things that we cannot fix. Sometimes, we just need to set the technology to the side, isolate ourselves from it.

The kids are even getting antsy when they’ve been on their technology for too long. They need to isolate themselves from it, return to roots, grass, climb trees, ride their bikes, go and get mucky. Technology can be brilliant but it’s increasing encroachment on our lives can leave us feeling strange, disconnected.

I was at the TABI Conference yesterday (what a day that was!) and I learnt a new technique that is so simple… I’m surprised that this hasn’t come to light before. Maybe it has and today was the first day I’d been introduced to it. I don’t know, but I am going to share it with you before I go wandering off further into the Wildwood to find rivers and streams, trees to climb and sleep under the stars, forage for berries and other goodies.

It’s a spread where you separate the Majors and Minors in a deck. You then think of a question and a wee spread then draw the first major. Then you draw a minor to go with it. The Major is the issue that you need to deal with. The Minor is how to deal with it. Let’s play!

Question: Why do I need to isolate myself from my technology?

Answer: Because of (1) to help you (2) so you can (3).

(1) The Ancestor and 7 of Vessels – Because: It seems like you need to return to the natural way of things. (Ancestor). To do that, let it go for a time. You’ll get to come back to your modern gadgets, your devices and social media, but you’re exhausted. Your heart isn’t in it right now, so come away, deeper into the Wildwood, journey back into nature to renew and also replenish yourself.

(2) The Green Man and Page of Vessels – To Help You: replenish your well. Like the Green Man, your well needs refilling. To do that, you could do with remembering what is really important in your life. Yes, you’re here on this Earth to help others, but you’re here as their mother too, you need to reconnect with the children and be playful.

(3) The Blasted Oak and Two of Bows – So You Can: change things up, create something new and better, so you can rebuild on what is good. It’s time to get rid of rotten branches. You can do that by deciding what it is you actually want to do with the blog going forward because you can then decide on how or what services to order. Therefore, you can change things around. The choices are yours to decide!


In conclusion, the sentence goes like this: You need to isolate yourself because of burn out & exhaustion. To help you replenish yourself, have fun so you can change things up as a result, come to decisions with a fresh mind. 

That might seem a little weird because I broke it down further and made it into two sentences, which is fine. That’s because I like simple sentences in my blog posts. I like to write a lot and also get the message across, rather than confuse you with my wordsmithing.

Finally, I’ll be back on-line August the 15th and as a result, the payments will be suspended from now until then. Most of all, until then, why not unplug yourself from the social media? Go and have fun while remembering what it is that makes life great! 

I’ve used The Wildwood here, which you can order from Will’s site directly. The ramblings are my own and the spread was devised after a TABI Conference Workshop! 

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Isolate Deep Within The Wildwood

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