Let’s Discuss : The Forest Lovers

Forest Lovers from The Wildwood Tarot

This week, I bring to you the beautiful Forest Lovers. How do you like to be loved?

Mark & John made this card by symbolic of Robin and Marion, whilst Will beautifully brought them to life. With Mark’s involvement as Nasir in Robin of Sherwood for quite a few years (and if you didn’t know that, you do now!) it is of no surprise that this legend shows up in the deck. However, the question is always the same, at the roots. Will you love me if I love you?

Forest Lovers from The Wildwood TarotHaving a great lover is like choosing an apple. We’re all wanting to be loved and loving another is a part of who we are. Sometimes, we’re good at it and get it right. Sometimes, we’re not and we pick the wrong apple out of the barrel of life.  Then we have to undo it all and return the rotten apple, which isn’t always easy. Finding or becoming part of a couple of lovers isn’t as straightforward as it may sound.

There’s an analogy I read recently on the Book of Face about bruised apples. It was used to show children what bullying does to someone. It’s the same with lovers. I explained to my middle child (he’s 6) the other night, that having a girlfriend or boyfriend at such a young age is okay. If you don’t like them after a while, that’s okay too. It’s like trying on coats, trousers or skirts and seeing what does and doesn’t fit. But when you take the clothing off (i.e. dump the other person) you should try do it gently.

The apple analogy works quite well. You don’t want to bruise the other person too badly (go, find that post on the page and read it) but sometimes, you can’t help but do it.

The idea for me of lovers is to yes, physically love you and you them. It’s also about emotionally supporting, help provide for, encourage to help them strive to be the best they can. It’s not just about the physicality of loving someone but it’s all the other parts of it that surround the core to the apple to start with. Everyone has different views of what love is. We should learn how our partners think of that love and teach them what we think love is about too. Constructively, of course, *winks*.

That is what I think these Forest Lovers have promised to do in their hand-fasting, shown here. It’s a promise that is all the above, the core, the flesh, the pips, skin, stalk and leaves. It’s a promise to teach and learn about the other. It’s one I made nearly fourteen years ago and it’s not been easy, being his apple (though, I doubt I’ve made it totally easy for him in return) but bruises, knocks and all, we’re still there, hanging off each other’s trees. Wouldn’t have it any other way!

So, back to the original question. What is love, for you? Think about it, share it with those you love and learn what love is for them.

With that thought, I bid you a “bye for now” and remind you that I’ve used The Wildwood and that you can book your private consultations directly here.

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Let’s Discuss : The Forest Lovers

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  1. Love is about wading through the bad stuff in order to better experience the good stuff in your relationship, I think. We choose our partners for a reason, and it may not be clear to others from the outside, but we know why we stick with each other.

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