Wasting My Time… ?

Am I wasting my time? That’s a question I’m betting you ask yourself on a regular basis.

Working on something when you don’t feel appreciated, or when you’re not getting feedback, can be rather discouraging. 

It’s also a pain when you can’t or don’t see the steps you’ve made in achieving your goal. I loved project planning and using MS Project, you can see the progression, one step at a time. In human terms, not so much. But there is a way you can see the steps you’re taking. Bullet Journaling and tasking come to mind. Smaller than a regular journal, each entry is about one or two lines, at the most. I suggest you Google it.

The question came from Ellis on Twitter. “Am I wasting my time training to become a driving instructor?” he asks.  This can be changed to any career or job role we’re aiming for, but the spread is for you to use. The cards I drew after a good shuffle, rifle and dealing.

  • What do I need to learn about this career choice?
  • What is bad about this career choice?
  • What is good about this career choice?

You’ll notice I’ve sandwiched the negative between two “good” things. We tend to forget the filling of life and remember the start and end of things more. That’s human nature, pure and simple, nothing more.

The Reading:

What do I need to learn about this career choice? The Mirror

This card hints that this was an intuitive decision. The way forward wasn’t too clear. You’ve listened instead to your intuition, you’re finding your own way. The downside is, you’ve no idea if you’re on the right path. If you’ve followed your higher self then trust that you’re on the right path.

What is bad about this career choice? – The Great Bear

Oh, what a fabulous answer! The bad side is that this is a challenge, it contains a step change and a shift within that needs to be faced and overcome. Acting like you are weak-willed, unsure, uncertain or creating self-doubt, can ensure that you falter and fail. The trick here is not to give into fear and to face the challenges head on because it will challenge you, which is why it could be bad. If you’re not ready for it, you’ll find out pretty quickly!

What is good about this career choice? The Woodward 

There is something to be said for a damn good driving instructor. They can make or break someone’s confidence. The Woodward here is the Wildwood’s answer for Strength, he displays the inherent balance that the calm beauty of patience a driving instructor needs. He has learnt from experience how to deal with things and he’s willing to pass that onto you if you’re willing to learn. He knows that the power comes from within, that the Strength to pass a driving test is down to how confident you are (and also, how much of an idiot you can not be when you’re dealing with an idiot driver). To keep answering that fear is not wasting your time or resources. To give up before you’ve finished, before the finishing line, that could be classed as wasteful.

In conclusion,

You’ve chosen this career path because it spoke to you, from within. There are challenges ahead, you need to be brave enough to go for it and there is a strength to be found in a calm driving instructor, one who can guide and teach with humanity. There’s no shame if it’s not for you, but if it is, then you need to stop wasting your time and resources and get your game on. There’s a calmness I rarely see on the roads. I wish there were more of that calmness around.

Well, I’ve warbled on enough for one blog post! Thank you for dropping by and I hope this gives you an idea of what to ask the Tarot when you begin to feel you’re wasting your time. If you want a more in-depth reading, you can book your consultation with me.  I’ve used The Wildwood Deck and the ramblings are 99% my own. 

Until next time, stay safe!

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Wasting My Time… ?

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